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Traffic Management Finland – The world’s safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly traffic through intelligent services

Traffic Management Finland controls and manages traffic on the land, in the air and at sea. Our services support the mobility of citizens, the needs and transports of commerce, the operations of safety authorities as well as Finland’s competitiveness and well-being.

We provide traffic information that helps companies to create new traffic and smart mobility solutions for people and goods. Intelligent traffic control and management services, up-to-date real-time traffic information and the competence of the company’s 1,100 professionals improve the safety and smoothness of traffic.

We have created a data platform to support the traffic ecosystem. The data platform provides data for parties interested in developing traffic services. The open data in Digitraffic create a basis for the birth of world-class traffic markets in Finland.

The vision and long-term goal of our traffic control group is to make Finland a country with the world’s safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly traffic. Investments in fluent traffic promote sustainable development.

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