Future mobility makers

RAAS – Rethinking Autonomy and Safety

RAAS is an innovation ecosystem, which works as a one-stop shop R&D environment for innovative autonomous solutions and services development. Our core ambition is to develop and unite world-class excellence in autonomous systems for the benefit of companies and the society.

We have over 200 researchers from 18 Finnish research organisations and 10 international partners.

RAAS brings you:

  • Easy access to world-class scientific knowledge and expertise
  • First-rate R&D services for autonomous systems
  • A national and international network of top experts
  • Inclusive support for autonomous systems testbed development

We focus on four specific autonomous systems domains: maritime, land transport, mobile work machinery, and unmanned aviation. The principal target of the RAAS alliance is to advance research on autonomous transport and logistics in global markets. If your organization targets taking a lead in autonomous systems development while gaining new business opportunities, then RAAS is aimed at you.

RAAS Coordinator Hannu Karvonen
+358 40 021 6396