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Roboride is an autonomous transportation services operator. Robo last mile transportation services enable smart and sustainable mobility for example in campuses, industrial parks, holiday resorts or as extension of public transportation. Robo service is based on on-demand operational model, that optimizes usage of vehicles and provides higher service level as turnkey solution

We are a service provider not a developer of technologies. We offer our customers a transport solution based on autonomous vehicles with a turnkey solution for the ’first and last mile’.Because we are not locked to certain manufacturers or technology suppliers, we are free to choose the best solutions on the market and develop a service that fits the customer needs.

Products and services

Robo autonomous transportation service

  • Service covers: service planning, safety analysis, roll-out, operation & maintenance of vehicles
  • Pricing based on service fees, no investment needed in vehicles from customer


Campuses, industrial parks, holiday resorts, cities and public transportation operators

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