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The need to move people and goods from one place to another is not just a necessary evil, but fundamental for human societies. We move to socialise, to trade, to stay healthy, to do science, to have fun. Mobility is freedom. On the other hand, emissions from transport and mobility need to be cut in order to mitigate climate change. Sustainability and carbon neutrality need to be the starting points for today’s mobility and logistics solutions. The Finnish way of solving problems is to focus on the human being, the user. Technology is the means, not the goal. We have developed world-class data and automation tools to find human-centric solutions. However, we cannot make it far enough by ourselves – welcome to join us in making the transport revolution a reality!

We need everyone on board to be able to limit the global warming increase to 1.5 degree Celsius. This web page exists to exhibit the Finnish input on this challenge, and to invite you to join in. On this web page, you will find our vision for the future mobility together with comprehensive climate solutions that combine technology with a human-centric ecosystem approach.

Future mobility ecosystem

Want to save the planet with comprehensive mobility solutions? Let’s be friends! No one can solve these problems alone – we need everyone’s input to curb the climate change and make people’s lives better. Ecosystem approach is vital for finding the most sustainable solutions. Finnish companies, public bodies and institutions operating in the field of transport and mobility are committed to reaching ambitious carbon neutrality, automation and connectivity goals.

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apolestar car Tietoevry
Tietoevry partners with automotive-developer HaleyTek to bring high-end Android-based infotainment to Polestar and Volvo Cars
Tietoevry Create, the global business design and software engineering arm of Tietoevry, has agreed to partner with HaleyTek, a joint venture between Volvo Cars and ECARX, to develop an Android Open Source Project-based infotainment system for current and future Polestar and Volvo car models. The companies will focus on developing the platform software that enables […]
Fintraffic maritime traffic management participates in the Green Shipping Challenge at the UN Climate Change Conference
Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services joins the Green Shipping Challenge of the UN Climate Change Conference
The UN COP27 climate conference in Egypt is looking for solutions to speed up the implementation of the Paris climate agreement and keep the 1.5°C target still within reach. Solutions of Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services are strongly present in the Green Shipping climate project demonstrating at the meeting the means to reduce climate emissions. Fintraffic’s […]
Virta & Tetris Melb Oct 22
Finnish EV charging giant Virta launches in Australia, with “superfast” chargers and V2G
Finland-based smart electric vehicle charging heavyweight, Virta, has officially launched on the Australian market with the unveil of the first superfast EV charger it is rolling out in partnership with Australia’s Tetris Energy. The partnership combines Virta’s platform, Tetris Energy’s development and funding capability and the superfast charging hardware from Kempower – also a Finnish […]

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Italian RRF Opportunities in the Transport Sector webinar

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The AWS In Spotlight Webinar Series

AWS In Spotlight Webinar Series gathers experts from governments and organizations of all sizes to discover the benefits of

Why Finland?

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In 2019, Finland ranked first in the Good Country Index that measured 153 countries’ performance based on 35 factors ranging from science and technology, international peace and security all the way to health and wellbeing. The study revealed that relative to its size, Finland contributes more to humanity and burdens the planet less than any other country, ranking top in press freedom, cyber security, environmental agreements compliance, food aid and a handful of other criteria.
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work-life balance

Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, topped the 2019 Work-Life Balance Index. The city offers the unrivalled work-life balance and, consequently, quality of life to its residents. The study focused on the 40 most popular cities worldwide, examining the “implementation of smarter working policies and their capacity to simultaneously equip residents with the ability to enjoy their leisure time”. The purpose of this comparison was to create a kind of measure of how cities can reduce the stress of their residents and increase their happiness by supporting work-life balance.
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