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14.05.2024 · NEWS
Transport and Logistic Services of Saudi Arabia delegation visit to Finland - Recap
On a sunny day in Helsinki, the Finnish Intelligent Transportation Association had the privilege of hosting a distinguished delegation from Saudi Arabia, led by His Excellency Eng. Saleh Aljasser, Minister of Transport for the Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services. The event took place at the historic Katajanokka Hotel chapel and featured a series of […]
Mein Schiff 1, the first in a family of seven cruise ships built for TUI Cruises by Meyer Turku, embarked on its maiden journey in 2018.
30.04.2024 · NEWS
Charting a Greener Course: Finnish Leaders in the Global Shipping Industry’s Eco-Revolution
Meyer Turku debuts methanol-ready cruise ship; Wärtsilä sets new standards in Chinese shipbuilding; NIT wins recognition for ship interior carbon footprint calculator. Finnish and Estonian stakeholders in the maritime space have signed a memorandum of understanding for creating a green shipping corridor across the Gulf of Finland. Covering the routes between Helsinki and Tallinn and […]
Vapaus blog
24.04.2024 · BLOG
When Europe discovered Finnish mobility innovation…
The European Startup Prize for Mobility (EUSP) doesn’t seem to get enough of Finland these days. The Prize brings together EU institutions, multinational companies, national authorities, and philanthropists to jointly scout, rank, and boost Europe’s most promising clean mobility startups. In its 5th edition, the Prize recognized Finnish Vapaus among its Gold winners, a second […]
02.02.2024 · NEWS
Electrifying the Grid: How VIRTA Transforms Electric Cars into Virtual Power Plants
Virta, a frontrunner in electric vehicle charging platforms, collaborates with Business Finland, benefitting from innovation funding and loans for its R&D efforts. Now entering a phase of swift international growth, Virta’s latest endeavor aims to integrate EV batteries into the power grid, addressing the surging need for energy flexibility. Virta’s Grid Innovation: Revolutionizing Energy Balance […]
Kempower introduces electric robot bus
15.01.2024 · NEWS
Kempower Unveils Innovative Electric Robot Bus for Enhanced Efficiency, Automation, and Sustainability in Operations
The electric robot bus is used to transport goods between Kempower’s two factories in Lahti. Benefits of the electric robot bus introduction include enhanced production efficiency, emission reductions, reduced storage reliance, optimized processes, highlighting Finland’s electric tech expertise. The bus was delivered by the Finnish robot vehicle operator Remoted. Kempower has recently integrated an advanced […]
13.12.2023 · NEWS
Pioneering the Industrial Metaverse: Valmet Automotive and Telia's Revolutionary Project
Valmet Automotive, in collaboration with Telia, has embarked on an innovative pilot project at their Uusikaupunki car plant, leveraging cutting-edge robot technology to create a virtual replica of their Innovation Center. This initiative is part of the broader MURO innovation project, which aims to explore the capabilities of 5G-enabled service robots in industrial settings. By […]
Awake.AI Karno Tenovuo CEO and Jari Ijäs Head of Design
13.12.2023 · NEWS
Deloitte Recognizes Awake.AI with the Prestigious Logistics Impact Award – A Case Study in Innovation
Sustainable and Smart Operations in Port and Maritime Logistics Awake.AI: Leading the Charge for Greener Ports Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 in Finland recognizes rapidly growing technology companies, emphasizing sustainability in business. Among the celebrated is Awake.AI, granted the Impact Award for pioneering sustainable solutions in maritime logistics. CEO Karno Tenovuo and Head of Design Jari […]
Seaspan Enhances Fleet with Wärtsilä
15.11.2023 · NEWS
Seaspan Enhances Fleet with Wärtsilä's Cutting-Edge Autonomous Docking Technology
The Finnish tech conglomerate Wärtsilä’s subsidiary, Wärtsilä ANCS, has successfully implemented their pioneering SmartDock autonomous docking system for Seaspan, a prominent Canadian marine transport and shipbuilding enterprise. The delivery is said to mark a significant step towards autonomous docking and undocking operations, making maritime activities safer and more efficient. The SmartDock system developed by Wärtsilä […]
10.11.2023 · NEWS
Vapaus Strikes Gold at the 2023 European Startup Prize for Mobility
Vapaus Triumphs with Benefit Bike Service: Secures Gold in 5th European Startup Prize for Mobility Among 700+ Applicants. Vapaus’ commitment to developing and deploying innovative solutions for the mobility sector, was recognized and inspired the jury. The European Startup Prize for Mobility is a recognition to the most pioneering startups in the mobility sector across Europe. Vapaus […]
Tampere won in the category of enabling technologies
10.11.2023 · NEWS
Triumphant Win for City of Tampere and Wapice Ltd at the World’s Largest Smart City Event
Tampere Smart City has won a major technology award at The Enabling Technologies Award at the Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC). Tampere Smart City is built on Wapice’s IoT platform IoT-TICKET. The World Smart City Awards, in their 13th iteration, selected winners from 411 entries, with Tampere Smart City emerging as a standout. […]
Telia news
20.10.2023 · NEWS
Telia Crowd Insights Enhances Finnish Road Traffic Management for Fintraffic
Driving Traffic Management Innovation: Fintraffic Leverages Telia Crowd Insights to Propel Finnish Road Traffic Control and Planning into the Future. Telia Crowd Insights, a cutting-edge service harnessing anonymized and aggregated mobile network data to analyze movement patterns, is set to usher in a new era of traffic control and management in Finland. Fintraffic, dedicated to […]
20.10.2023 · NEWS
Kempower Joins Forces with Milence JV (Traton – Volvo – Daimler) as an EV Charger Supplier for Heavy-Duty Networks
Kempower Secures Deal to Provide DC Charging Solutions for Milence: A Traton, Volvo, and Daimler Joint Venture Aiming to Establish 1,700 Charging Stations for Heavy-Duty EVs in Europe by 2024. Kempower becomes one of the suppliers of Milence Milence will initially focus on charging locations in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Norway, and […]
Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO emerged victorious in the global Service Design Award competition
06.10.2023 · NEWS
NEMO Maritime Traffic Notification Service Triumphs in Global Service Design Award Contest
NEMO Shines Bright: Crowned Champion at the 2023 Global Service Design Awards in the Professional Commercial Category! This annual accolade celebrates the pinnacle of global excellence in service design. This year’s finalists comprised of 19 service design projects from around the world. Winning in its category, Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO’s service design is a collaborative […]
AI-SEE- Artificial Intelligence enhancing vehicle vision in low visibility conditions project
02.10.2023 · NEWS
AI-SEE- Artificial Intelligence enhancing vehicle vision in low visibility conditions project
In the AI-SEE project, a PENTA EURIPIDES² labelled research project is taking seriously the mission impossible – 24/7 automated driving in poor visibility conditions. 21 partners comprising world class players on the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and supplier level will join forces over a period of three years to build a novel, robust sensor system […]
Kempower solutions now available at the world’s largest fast-charging plaza for electric trucks and off-highway vehicles
02.10.2023 · NEWS
Kempower Solutions: Powering Up the World's Largest Fast-Charging Plaza for Electric Trucks and Off-Highway Vehicles
Kempower solutions now available at the world’s largest fast-charging plaza for electric trucks and off-highway vehicles WattHub, the world’s largest fast-charging plaza for electric trucks and off-highway vehicles, has officially opened in the Netherlands.  The site features six 600kW Kempower Power Units and 36 Kempower Satellites, delivering a total capacity of 3.6MW. TSG Netherlands designed […]
Skoda Group and Lyyli Living Lab project
29.09.2023 · NEWS
Skoda Group's Innovative Partnership with Tampere Tramway Ltd - Pioneering Passenger Counting System Testing in Tampere's Lyyli Living Lab
Skoda Group is in an era where AI continually evolves and leaves its mark across various sectors. In our industry, we are no exception as we explore the full potential of our new intelligent AI-based passenger counting system, developed by our colleagues in Finland. We work on integrating it into public transportation in the near […]
Nokia on board for Grand Paris rail project
15.09.2023 · NEWS
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Nokia have joined forces to participate in the Grand Paris rail project
A collaborative “Technology for Good” alliance between a prominent communications technology provider and a firm specializing in networking, communications, and cloud solutions is bolstering transportation services in the Grand Paris region. Leading technology firms Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) and Nokia are coming together to power the Grand Paris Express, one of Europe’s largest metro rail projects, […]
Wärtsilä will power the biggest battery electric ship ever built with its electric propulsion system and waterjets © Wärtsilä Corporation
08.09.2023 · NEWS
Incat Tasmania Chooses Wärtsilä Solutions for the Pioneering Zero-Emissions, Lightweight Ro-Pax Ferry
Wärtsilä to Propel the World’s Largest Battery Electric Ship: Incat Tasmania’s Groundbreaking Ferry for Buquebús. Incat Tasmania has partnered with technology group Wärtsilä to equip their latest ferry, commissioned by long-term South American client Buquebús, with an unprecedented battery electric propulsion system and waterjets. This groundbreaking vessel, boasting an impressive 130-meter overall length, will not […]
UNIKIE Accelerates Android Automotive Development at Warp Speed
01.09.2023 · NEWS
UNIKIE Accelerates Android Automotive Development at Warp Speed
Unikie Solidifies Its Android Automotive Presence with New Development Units in Finland and Poland. Unikie, a pioneer in Android operating system development for the telecom sector, is expanding its Android Automotive footprint with the launch of new development units in Kuopio, Finland, and Szczecin, Poland. Leveraging years of experience and a track record of successful […]
Telia - Unlocking micro-sustainability in public transport
15.08.2023 · NEWS
Unveiling the Potential of Micro-Sustainability in Public Transportation
The macro benefits of public transport are clear: getting cars off roads opens cities for people and reduces CO2 emissions. But that’s just the start. Public transport has a lot of unrealized potential when it comes to micro-sustainability. By focusing on the details in public transport operations and optimizing every aspect, incremental gains can be […]
The Collaborative Endeavor of Virta and Jersey Elect
11.08.2023 · NEWS
Revolutionizing Public EV Charging in Jersey: The Collaborative Endeavor of Virta and Jersey Elect
Virta entered into an agreement with Jersey Electricity (JE) at the end of 2022 with operations commencing at the beginning of 2023. The initiative entails a comprehensive modernization of Jersey’s public EV charging infrastructure. Jersey’s public charging network, known as Evolve, is owned and provided by JE. The partnership with Virta enables JE to leverage […]
Remoted Robot Buses
10.08.2023 · NEWS
Finland Unveils Groundbreaking Remote Monitoring Center for Tampere's Driverless Shuttles, Pioneering the Future of Autonomous Transportation
Marking a significant advancement in autonomous transportation, Finland has reached a noteworthy milestone by inaugurating its inaugural remote monitoring center for self-driving shuttles in Tampere. Operated by REMOTED, the center aims to support safety drivers and facilitate the transition from vehicle-based control to remote supervision. With the pilot program already underway in Hervanta, where passengers […]
20.06.2023 · NEWS
Data Analysis Reveals the Intricate Relationship Between Air Quality and Transport
Driving Sustainability: Transport for West Midlands Harnesses Environmental and Transport Data Integration to Bolster Local Transport Plan Vaisala’s Data Empowers Sustainable Transport Schemes: Transport for West Midlands Utilizes Weather and Environmental Sensors, Partnered with VivaCity Traffic Monitoring Sensors, to Measure Carbon Emissions and Air Quality, Driving Climate-Friendly Transportation Initiatives. The West Midlands is the second […]
PayIQ is building a firm foundation
26.05.2023 · NEWS
PayiQ is building on a Firm Foundation
Pay have now established our ticketing services all over Finland and can count over 500,000 users. This means that we have now reached technical maturity, found market fit, and have the financial foundation to start taking the next steps. An important focus area is City Acc, and all its possible applications. City Acc is a […]
02.05.2023 · NEWS
Business Finland aims to make Finland a globally recognized provider of sustainable, carbon-neutral solutions for cities
The Decarbonized Cities Program launched by Business Finland on April 18, 2023 aims to make Finland a globally recognized provider of sustainable, carbon-neutral solutions for cities. The program helps Finnish companies and organizations to find international cooperation and business partners. New exports are estimated to amount to several billion euros. Smart solutions and sustainability principles […]
Virta closes €85M growth funding
02.05.2023 · NEWS
Virta closes €85M growth funding to increase EVs’ charging platforms impact on accelerate growth in Europe and Asia-Pacific
Finland-based Virta Ltd, a global leader in the fast-growing Electric Vehicle charging platforms industry(1), has secured new €85M growth funding. The funding round has been among the biggest in the sector in recent years. The sum consists of €65M equity investment from Virta’s existing investors, led by the private equity firm Jolt Capital, and co-invested […]
28.04.2023 · NEWS
A Unique Living Lab Environment In Tampere For Urban Transport
Business Finland is funding Tampereen Raitiotie Oy’s Lyyli Living Lab development environment through the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) funding program, which is part of the Sustainable Growth Program for Finland. Lyyli Living Lab is an inclusive RDI environment for the development, validation, and the acquisition of market references of sustainable, rail-based, smart urban transport […]
German city becomes frontrunner through sustainable software from Finland
14.04.2023 · BLOG
German city becomes frontrunner through sustainable software from Finland
Back in March of 2022 Vediafi and the German district of Warendorf began a joint pilot project. The aim was to further develop the Clean Vehicle Mobile application to fit the sustainable and operational needs of our clients. For this, two vehicles of the type VW Caddy were equipped with tracking hardware connected to the […]
13.03.2023 · BLOG
Autonomous Driving Industry Seeks Viable Solutions Amidst Economic Challenges
The autonomous driving industry has had a challenging ride in recent months; many of us will have seen a number of negative headlines about the industry and its future. The reason we see these headlines now is, at least partly, due to the ramifications of a challenging economic climate. In today’s economic climate – the […]
Proxion and Relesoft agree on export-oriented cooperation
02.03.2023 · NEWS
Proxion and Relesoft agree on export-oriented cooperation
The digitalization of railways is a significant change and a huge opportunity for innovative players in the industry. Proxion has decided to accelerate its internationalization together with Relesoft Oy. Our goal is to help industry and railway infrastructure managers in building a safer, more efficiently functioning and smarter interoperable railway system.   Proxion’s expertise is […]
Kempower fast charging technology powering the Nordics’ largest electric bus depot
24.02.2023 · NEWS
Kempower fast charging technology powering the Nordics’ largest electric bus depot
The largest electric bus depot in the Nordic countries is now fully operational in the Danish city of Aalborg. Kempower, a leading supplier of fast charging technology for electric vehicles, has supplied GodEnergi A/S with its DC fast charging technology. The depot can now simultaneously charge more than 100 electric buses. The biggest electric bus […]
Lignode® by Stora Enso
17.02.2023 · NEWS
Stora Enso gets on board Polestar 0 project to create a climate-neutral car by 2030
Stora Enso and Swedish electric car company Polestar have started collaboration to create a truly climate-neutral car by 2030. Stora Enso gets on board Polestar 0 project as a partner to contribute to the car’s climate neutrality with their bio-based battery material Lignode® by Stora Enso, made from trees. The Polestar 0 project, launched in […]
Vaisala Xweather road weather data
15.02.2023 · BLOG
Shifting to safer and more sustainable travel
They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That adage never felt more appropriate than at this year’s CES. It certainly felt like I walked a thousand miles to see everything worth seeing at the world’s largest consumer electronics show. My colleague, Samuli, was delighted by the shift to sustainable technology at […]
Drone use opens up huge market
14.02.2023 · NEWS
The use of drones opens up huge new markets for businesses and impacts consumers' daily lives
Drones will deliver groceries to your home and assist in farming and construction. These are some of the applications where developments will be brisk once European ground rules and safe airspace practices (U-space) are established for unmanned aerial vehicles. Advancements in this field are driven for instance by the need to reduce emissions from transport […]
TouchPayGo Semel Oy
01.02.2023 · NEWS
Payment unit enables parking and charging payment with credit card
Semel Oy has launched together with Modulsystem Sweden AB a payment unit for parking and EV charging at eCarExpo in Stockholm in February 2023. TouchPayGo payment unit enables parking and charging payment with regular a credit card, no apps needed. TouchPayGo is designed and manufactured in Sweden. It includes an easy to use 10” touchscreen […]
Drone photo by Insta
24.01.2023 · NEWS
Observations from the Tampere - Särkänniniemi agile Drone Experiment
In the Tampere City Region, there was an agile experiment to examine the drone use cases. Unmanned aviation has developed rapidly in the recent years. Company Insta Group Oy provided the drones and situational awareness solution for the theme park Särkänniemi event, what was coordinated by Business Tampere. Tampere-based Insta ILS is a specialist in avionics, remotely […]
Self-driving experiment in Finland by Sensible4
11.01.2023 · NEWS
Self-driving experiment in Finland successful despite extreme weather conditions
Finnish self-driving technology company Sensible 4 has carried out a successful autonomous driving pilot in Tampere, Finland, despite the worst and most challenging winter conditions in years. The pilot, which started in January 2022 and lasted for 2.5 months, aimed to see how autonomous vehicles work with public transportation networks and collect feedback from users. […]
Vaisala ranks 5th of Financial Times’ Climate Leaders 2022 list
11.01.2023 · NEWS
Vaisala ranks 5th of Financial Times’ Climate Leaders 2022 list
Financial Times has listed European Climate Leaders 2022. The list includes European companies that achieved the greatest reduction in their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions between 2015 and 2020. Vaisala is proud to be in the top 5 of the list, increasing its ranking from place 14 the previous year. Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and […]
Basemark Brings Advanced AR Graphics
11.01.2023 · NEWS
Basemark showcasing its latests automotive AR and HMI graphics software
Basemark showcases its advanced automotive instrument clusters with Augmented Reality (AR) and HMI graphics, powered by MediaTek’s latest automotive infotainment platform.   Basemark, the automotive AR company, announced today it is showcasing its automotive AR and HMI graphics software at CES 2023, which is now validated for MediaTek’s latest MT2715 automotive infotainment platform.   As the demand for […]
Marelli displays MInD-Xp Cockpit DCU platform powered by Rightware’s Kanzi One
11.01.2023 · NEWS
Rightware’s Kanzi One is used in Marelli MInD-Xp Cockpit DCU platform at CES 2023
Integrating the latest technologies that drive vehicle personality and performance, Marelli utilizes Rightware’s Kanzi One to create its advanced vehicle platform which is on display at CES 2023. The demo runs on a Qualcomm 4th generation Snapdragon 8295 processor and utilizes seven displays, eight cameras, and a wide range of sensors and data sources, all […]
13.12.2022 · NEWS
Port app that collates schedule data heading towards international cooperation
Did you know that a flurry of activity starts around a ship as soon as it arrives in port? Cargo is loaded and unloaded, any required maintenance work is carried out, and the ship’s basic needs – such as waste management, fuel and provisions – are taken care of. For passenger ships, the disembarking of […]
apolestar car Tietoevry
18.11.2022 · NEWS
Tietoevry partners with automotive-developer HaleyTek to bring high-end Android-based infotainment to Polestar and Volvo Cars
Tietoevry Create, the global business design and software engineering arm of Tietoevry, has agreed to partner with HaleyTek, a joint venture between Volvo Cars and ECARX, to develop an Android Open Source Project-based infotainment system for current and future Polestar and Volvo car models. The companies will focus on developing the platform software that enables […]
Fintraffic maritime traffic management participates in the Green Shipping Challenge at the UN Climate Change Conference
10.11.2022 · NEWS
Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services joins the Green Shipping Challenge of the UN Climate Change Conference
The UN COP27 climate conference in Egypt is looking for solutions to speed up the implementation of the Paris climate agreement and keep the 1.5°C target still within reach. Solutions of Fintraffic´s Vessel Traffic Services are strongly present in the Green Shipping climate project demonstrating at the meeting the means to reduce climate emissions. Fintraffic’s […]
Virta & Tetris Melb Oct 22
04.11.2022 · NEWS
Finnish EV charging giant Virta launches in Australia, with “superfast” chargers and V2G
Finland-based smart electric vehicle charging heavyweight, Virta, has officially launched on the Australian market with the unveil of the first superfast EV charger it is rolling out in partnership with Australia’s Tetris Energy. The partnership combines Virta’s platform, Tetris Energy’s development and funding capability and the superfast charging hardware from Kempower – also a Finnish […]
Marine industry zero emissions
03.11.2022 · NEWS
How Wärtsilä is leading the marine ecosystem towards zero emissions
Decarbonisation in the marine industry will not happen overnight, but Wärtsilä’s Zero Emission Marine (ZEM) initiative is actively working to speed up the move to clean energy.Decarbonisation in the marine industry will not happen overnight, but Wärtsilä’s Zero Emission Marine (ZEM) initiative is actively working to speed up the move to clean energy. “Going green […]
Collaboration between small and medium enterprises, such as at Turku’s SHIFT Business Festival, is one of Finland’s innovative strengths. Image: SHIFT Business Festival
02.11.2022 · NEWS
Finland an innovation leader in EU
The European Innovation Scoreboard 2022 slots Finland second behind Sweden in terms of innovation performance, with both countries earning the status of an innovation leader. Sweden and Finland were both dubbed innovation leaders in the scoreboard, performing at a rate that is almost 136 per cent of the EU average. The former edged out the latter […]
New aerospace research centre to accelerate aviation business in Finland
17.10.2022 · NEWS
New aerospace research centre to accelerate aviation business in Finland
The LIFT Future Aerospace Centre has started its operation in Finland at the beginning of September. LIFT will bring together actors from the private, public and R&D sectors to create new aviation innovations in response to the growing demand. At this point, the partners joining the innovation cluster with the host organisation Redstone AERO Oy […]
ITS World Congress in Los Angeles
07.10.2022 · BLOG
A young researcher’s experiences from ITS World Congress Los Angeles
The 28th ITS World Congress was held in Los Angeles, California in September. I was lucky to be a part of this event by being a co-author in a conference paper I got to present there. Even having not visited the United States before I knew that the city planning across the pond is different […]
Robobus Nysse Tampere City
07.10.2022 · NEWS
The first Nysse line operated by a robot bus is coming - Tampere to launch regular robot bus operations this year
The first Nysse line operated by a “robobus” is to start in Tampere’s Hervanta neighbourhood later this year Tampere will be the first Finnish city to launch robot busses in regular public transit this year. Although the minibuses are self-driving, there will be a human conductor on board during the initial phase of their rollout. […]
Sydney highway
16.09.2022 · NEWS
Australia’s longest EV highway to feature Kempower rapid charging technology
JET Charge will supply 42 Kempower C-Stations along the new EV highway in Western Australia. The EV highway is part of the McGowan Government’s AU$21 million Electric Vehicle Fund and delivers on the State Electric Vehicle Action Plan for Western Australia [...]
Woman and laptop
13.09.2022 · BLOG
6 Things Mobility Investors Want Startups To Know
Getting your ambitious mobility startup to where you want it to go takes a lot of hard work, smart decisions and rapid learning, but typically also a lot of capital. We asked from the venture capitalists themselves: how they decide into which startups they invest [...]
Helsinki aerial view
08.09.2022 · NEWS
PayiQ and Ukrainian Symbol Transport Sign Partnership Agreement
Finnish smart ticketing forerunner PayiQ and Ukrainian software company Symbol Transport, a leading provider of automated fare collection systems, have signed a partnership agreement in early August 2022 [...]
Connected cars driving on a bridge
15.08.2022 · NEWS
Sensible 4 Releases Autonomous Driving Platform DAWN™ and Welcomes Metaplanet as an Investor
Finnish self-driving technology pioneer Sensible 4 releases their first autonomous driving software platform product – DAWN™. The company, headquartered in Finland, has also increased its A-round funding [...]
Growth Picture
08.08.2022 · BLOG
5 Tips On How To Attract An Investment For Your Startup
Mobility is one of the fastest-growing areas for new companies. Many are seeking to meet the sky-high demand for solutions that are finally made possible by technological advances in drones, energy storage, electric mobility and more. But what are the best ways to attract investments? Read the blog and read from Finnish mobility startups what they have learned about gaining investors' interest.
Tram in Tampere
17.06.2022 · NEWS
One of a kind tram serves as a test bed for mobility services in Tampere
Lyyli Living Lab tram development project creates a new development, experiment, testing and marketing environment for urban mobility services. This will make it possible to develop new solutions and obtain references in a real operating environment [...]
Cargo ships
10.06.2022 · NEWS
Awake.AI launches platform based on Intel's technology
Working together to mesh edge,AI and 5G technologies, Finnish forerunner of digitalized maritime and port operations Awake.AI and Intel are leading port operations to the computer vision era [...]
Autonomous bus
10.06.2022 · NEWS
Sensible 4 runs an autonomous driving pilot with MUJI-designed driverless shuttle
Finnish self-driving company opens an office in Tokyo. Sensible 4’s autonomous driving technology is known for its ability to work in challenging weather conditions. Also, Sensible 4’s autonomous shuttle bus designed by MUJI does piloting in Chiba, Japan [...]
10.06.2022 · NEWS
Air taxis in 2026? Drone development heads towards futuristic vision in Finland
The role of drones is growing rapidly in various industries, including inspection, surveillance and time-critical transport. Fast, long-flying and cost-effective drones can cope with challenging environments. Technological developments and active research open up new avenues for them [...]
Connected cars on highway
06.06.2022 · NEWS
Market visit to Italy - Finnish companies offer intelligent transport solutions for the future
Thirteen Finnish companies had the opportunity to get to know the industrial centers of northern Italy in Turin and Milan during Team Finland's trade mission trip in May. Read the article to learn what Finnish tech companies have to offer to Southern-European markets!
Proxion Automated train
06.06.2022 · NEWS
Proxion led succesfully autonomous train tests in Finland
The autonomous train development project took a major step by carrying out field tests successfully in Finland when GoA4 level locomotive performed missions on a private track during May 2022.  The project is led by private rail expert company Proxion.
Mobility data points
05.06.2022 · NEWS
Finnish mobility operators agree on ground rules for data
Improvement of traffic services for businesses and households received a boost with the adoption of an open-source Rulebook by operators in the Finnish mobility sector [...]
Helsinki evening view
20.05.2022 · NEWS
Vehicle charging driven by data - Kempower connects globally with Telia
Kempower uses the Telia Global IoT Connectivity solution to connect all their charging stations to the Kempower ChargEye cloud service. Read the article to learn why IoT connectivity is a crucial part in making the charging stations work and what a new level of connectivity enables.
Wintery Tampere
13.05.2022 · NEWS
Self-Driving Pilot in Finland a Success
Finland Finnish self-driving technology company Sensible 4 has carried out a successful autonomous driving pilot in Tampere, Finland, despite the worst and most challenging winter conditions in years [...]
Singapore Aerial View
29.04.2022 · NEWS
Finnish smart charging platform Virta opens an office in Singapore
Virta opens an office in Singapore to help Southeast Asian and Australian players with fast EV charging markets entry. The year 2022 will see the Southeast Asian EV charging markets moving to the hypergrowth phase as political decisions, regulations, and incentives drive the new EV sales and charging infrastructure roll-out in the region. Australia, Singapore and Thailand are leading the growth [...]
Woman charging electric car
13.04.2022 · NEWS
Scalable EV charging solutions from Finland
Mer, one of the leading charging point operators in Europe, has chosen Kempower as one of its new electric vehicles (EV) fast charging partners in Norway. Kempower and Mer Norway have signed a frame agreement on Kempower’s DC fast charging technology deliveries to Norway [...]
Aerial view of a truck on a road
25.03.2022 · NEWS
Wireless charging of EV's is developed in Finland
Destia and Electreon start collaboration to test wireless charging for electric vehicles in Vantaa, Finland. The companies will be testing the solution in preparation of potentially integrating Electreon’s technology into Destia’s electric charging solution [...]
Cargo ship
11.03.2022 · NEWS
Awake.AI has launched Voyage Event API
The Finnish smart ports pioneer Awake.AI has launched a new service, Voyage Event API, that provides automated messages when vessels enter or exit user-defined areas [...]
City of Espoo
04.03.2022 · NEWS
Espoo robot bus experiments pave the way for automated road transport
Ramboll Finland Ltd examined how automated buses could improve the cost-efficiency of Espoo’s public transport. Read the article and learn how With automated buses, public transport can be profitable even when there are only a few passengers [...]
Jätkäsaari aerial view
15.02.2022 · NEWS
New technology helps recognise risky situations in Helsinki
Nodeon Finland piloted new technology to analyse traffic and improve traffic safety and achieved a traffic census with an accuracy of over 95 per cent [...]
Aerial view of wintery forest
04.02.2022 · NEWS
VTT to develop the future of aviation
Today's challenges in air traffic are inefficiency, delay sensitivity to changes (weather, pandemics) and general unpredictability. Finnish research institute VTT has been invited to the public-private-partnership community, which consists of 60 leading European companies and research institutes, to develop aviation towards sustainability and agile scalability [...]
City of Helsinki
20.01.2022 · NEWS
History of MaaS
The concept of mobility-as-a-Service was invented in Finland, and with the help of open-minded people ranging from politicians to various transport service providers and city officials the country provided a perfect test base for MaaS to develop and spread across the globe. Take a look at the detailed history of the idea that started a revolution in the mobility industry published by MaaS Global [...]
Woman charging electric car
20.12.2021 · BLOG
Energy storage is the new oil
We already know how to generate vast amounts of energy without emissions using solar power and other renewables. We just haven’t been able to deliver that energy at the right place and the right time. Read the new blog to learn, how the new wave of battery startups is finally changing this, and rapidly.
Man waiting for bus in cold
10.12.2021 · NEWS
Telia and Skånetrafiken bring express payment to Scandinavia
Bus passengers, in the region of Skåne in southern Sweden, can now pay for their trip without using a physical ticket, cash or card. Together with Telia and the technology company Ridango, Skånetrafiken launches Express Mode for Apple Pay. “We are proud to be part of Skånetrafiken’s ongoing efforts of innovating to make public transport […]
Finnish road with cars
10.12.2021 · NEWS
Telia launches service for determining CO2 emissions from road passenger transport
Telia launches the service Travel Emission Insights, which makes it possible for municipalities and regions to determine CO2 emissions from road passenger transport. This in turn enables better-informed decisions about specific measures that can help reduce emissions [...]
Train in Finland
22.11.2021 · NEWS
CGI and VR Group agree on cloud and specialist services to accelerate VR’s digital strategy
IT service company CGI and Finnish rail transport provider VR Group are deepening their cooperation to accelerate VR's digital transformation. The contract now signed will make CGI VR's primary partner in utilising AWS cloud technologies [...]
Logistics drone in warehouse
05.11.2021 · BLOG
Hottest Finnish drone startups 2021
The European drone market is forecasted to more than double from 2018 by 2024. For the companies in the field, this means they can grow their revenues without any change in their market share.  Read the new blog post to find out what are the latest developments and which Finnish drone companies you should take a look at [...]
Drone flying
03.11.2021 · NEWS
Significant new opening for professional use of drones
Unmanned aviation is now really taking off. The electric-powered and locally emission-free flying devices know as drones are coming under the magnifying glass of both companies and researchers. In order to ensure efficient, safe and professional operations, several major challenges need to be addressed. The Drolo project will examine, develop and pilot solutions for traffic management in lower airspace, 5G connections and the utilisation of printed and embedded electronics [...]
Train and drone
01.11.2021 · NEWS
Proxion on track to double railway transport and create new transportation services in Finland
A ground-breaking global autonomous train development project in Finland is moving on to its test phase. The aim of the initiative is to create completely new railway transportation services and to even double the amount of railway transport [...]
Car lights in darkness
09.10.2021 · NEWS
AI fostered traffic management in China
The United Nations has estimated that by 2040 almost 60% of people are living in cities across the globe and at the same time number of trucks, cars and air kilometres will double [...]
City Logistics in Helsinki
09.10.2021 · NEWS
New solutions for city logistics tested in Helsinki
In autumn 2021, Helsinki saw various pilot projects both on the ground and in the air. The newest kind of pilot was the delivery of products from a pharmacy to a customer by drone [...]
Semel taximeter
09.10.2021 · NEWS
50 years of state-of-the-art taximeter services
It has been 50 years since Semel Oy was founded. Known mainly as a taximeter manufacturer, Semel Oy has gone through many business challenges throughout the years [...]
Moving car
09.10.2021 · NEWS
Safer and greener transport with automated driving – how to find the right solution?
Automated driving can offer safer, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions to transportation needs in remote locations, extreme weather conditions and situations where it’s simply not necessary to have people sitting behind the wheel. Humans are great at problem solving and creative thinking but perform poorly at repetitive tasks – let’s focus on what we do best […]
Hervanta Digital Twin
09.10.2021 · NEWS
Digital twins open a new world for urban development
The automatic traffic test area in Hervanta, Tampere, is an example of the future of urban development. The digital twin of Hervanta is a versatile and user-friendly service design tool. Just one click and you are there: On the screen, you have a bird’s-eye view of a 3D model of Hervanta, a suburb of Tampere. […]
City of Vaasa
04.10.2021 · NEWS
Using data to control traffic emissions in Vaasa
The City of Vaasa aims to reach carbon neutrality by the end of the 2020s. The target is tough – carbon emissions must be cut considerably and rapidly. With the recently launched Vaasa Traffic 202x project, the City of Vaasa, in collaboration with Ramboll, is developing a new tool to support climate management [...]
Port and cargo
02.10.2021 · NEWS
Port app that collates schedule data heading towards international cooperation
If a ship arrives five hours late at a different location than agreed, operators face multiple challenges. Schedule data has not previously been available in real time from a single source [...]
02.10.2021 · NEWS
Mobility innovation and development center CEVT partners up with Kaira Clan in Oulu, Finland
Since the middle of 2018, CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology AB) has been active in the vibrant start-up ecosystem of Oulu. At the beginning of 2020, a test-car was dispatched in Oulu to increase the possibilities to collaborate [...]
Woman and a car
06.09.2021 · NEWS
New information on the impacts of teleworking and new transport services on greenhouse gas emissions
Ramboll have co-ordinated studies on the impacts of teleworking and new transport services on greenhouse gas emissions as the part of the implementation of the Roadmap for Fossil-Free Transport, the aim of which is to help achieve the Finnish government’s pledge to halve greenhouse gas emissions from domestic transport by 2030 [...]
Era of Cities
01.09.2021 · NEWS
Era of Cities - the results and experiences of the Six Cities’ joint development
Era of Cities is a new publication from the Six City Strategy that summarises experiences and best practices of cooperation and development in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Tampere and Oulu [...]
Drone in the sky
08.08.2021 · NEWS
AiRMOUR project opens up the skies for medical emergency drones
As populations grow, traditional traffic infrastructure is pushed to its limits. Mobility is, therefore, expanding into the third dimension – the airspace. AiRMOUR is a research and innovation project supporting sustainable air mobility in urban contexts via emergency and medical services [...]
Tier Scooters
06.08.2021 · NEWS
TIER and Moovit join forces across Europe
Micromobility provider Tier and urban mobility app Moovit join their forces in across Europe to enable easier access to micro mobility services [...]
Traveller in Lapland
02.07.2021 · NEWS
New mobility services for individual travellers bring growth to business and sustainability
VTT and University of Lapland aim to create new types of tourism mobility services and export business that utilize digitalisation.  The new service concepts are being tested in the Fell Lapland, Turku archipelago and Kuusamo areas [...]
Tampere city
18.06.2021 · NEWS
Electric bus breakthrough happening now – simulation reveals best solutions
In nearly all competitive procurements last year the number of electric buses chosen for city use exceeded the minimum requirements. Electric buses have made a real breakthrough. This presents a challenge to many communities on how the new equipment should be introduced. Tampere took advantage of VTT Smart eFleet simulation service in preliminary studies for […]
11.06.2021 · NEWS
eBook: Finnish Aviation Landscape
Energy and fuels, drone systems, airport technology, aircraft components, research, testing and education as well as maintenance, repair and operations form the backbone of Finnish Aviation Landscape [...]
Woman using mobile phone
04.06.2021 · NEWS
Fintraffic to offer even more comprehensive traffic and transport data
A boost for traffic service development: Traffic and transport data now even more comprehensive Fintraffic will now be able to provide even more comprehensive traffic and transport data to both traffic/transport-sector developers and end users in Finland. In accordance with an agreement signed with Traficom, transport information services,, and some Digitransit services have […]
28.05.2021 · NEWS
Maas global acquires Wondo and receives strategic investment from Ferrovial
MaaS Global, the world’s leading mobility-as-a-service platform and the company behind the award-winning Whim app has acquired Spanish mobility startup Wondo [...]
Sensible4 Fabulos
07.05.2021 · NEWS
Sensible 4 accelerates the autonomous driving industry
FABULOS project formed a platform for advancements in autonomous driving. For Sensible 4 - a Finnish autonomous driving software company - the project meant growth and a framework for developing the software product [...]
Electric bike
30.04.2021 · NEWS
City of Espoo launches first fireproof charging cabinets for electronic bicycle batteries
The City of Espoo and LatausPolku Oy are launching charging cabinets for electronic bicycle batters at three major transport hubs in Espoo: A Bloc in Otaniemi, Pikkulaiva in Espoonlahti and Iso Omena in Matinkylä. Finland’s first fireproof charging cabinet will be put into service in Otaniemi, Espoo, in April [...]
Virta Investment Round
23.04.2021 · NEWS
Virta closes 30 M€ investment round
Finnish EV charging company Virta announces that it has attracted significant funding from major technology investors in Europe and Asia. The Virta platform allows industries to expand their business in EV charging with a market proven solution integrating electric mobility as a flexibility element of the sustainable energy system [...]
PayiQ application in Russia
14.04.2021 · NEWS
PayiQ Launches its First Branded Application in Russia
PayiQ has released its first branded application for replenishment of transport cards using Faster Payments System in Russia. Now it is possible to top up transport cards in the city of Ryazan using the mobile app “UmKA Smart Card” [...]
Awake.AI Frost & Sullivan award
26.03.2021 · NEWS
Awake.AI Awarded by Frost & Sullivan for Redefining Maritime Logistics
Based on its recent analysis of the European maritime logistics market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Awake.AI with the 2021 European Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award. Its open and collaborative digital platform enhances maritime logistics by integrating stakeholders operating in sea, port, and land logistics [...]
EBook Smart and Clean Mobility Solutions from Finland
17.03.2021 · NEWS
E-Book: Smart and Clean Mobility Solutions from Finland
Quick actions are needed to limit global warming increasing to 1.5 degree Celsius. Read the new eBook and learn why Finland is the best place to develop and expand your mobility business and what kind on test beds and other opportunities Finland has to offer [...]
Business Finland_New Space
12.03.2021 · NEWS
eBook: New Space Economy in Finland
The New Space scene is forming rapidly in Finland covering small satellites, satellite subsystems and components, satellite data based services, software, security and connectivity as well as research and education. Take a look at Business Finland's new eBook and learn more about Finnish New Space expertise [...]
Girl with VR glasses
12.03.2021 · NEWS
E-Book: Mixed Reality Solutions from Finland
The Mixed Reality offering puts together the best Finnish Virtual and Augmented Reality know-how in various industries and research. Read more about the Finnish Mixed Reality players on the offering gathered by Business Finland [...]
Drone in the sky
05.03.2021 · NEWS
FUAVE makes top drone research available in society
The goal of the multidisciplinary FUAVE research consortium is to establish a new research, development, and innovation partnership network to support the development of Finnish knowledge base and business related to the unmanned aviation of the future and its applications [...]
Finland road
05.02.2021 · NEWS
E-Book: Smart Automotive and Mobility Solutions from Finland
Finnish companies provide the automotive industry with infotainment, connectivity, sensor and HMI solutions, as well as specialized components for engines, electric drives, gears, catalytic converters and tires. These companies come in all sizes and makes – from fast-maneuvering startups to big-league players. Business Finland gathered the Finnish top tier players in an eBook Smart Automotive and Mobility Solutions from Finland [...]
Finland traffic
05.02.2021 · NEWS
New video from Finland: Fintraffic Traffic Vision 2030
It's the year 2030. Finland has the safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly traffic in the world. Fintraffic published an inspiring video about how the Finnish transport system works in 2030 [...]
Battery strategy
03.02.2021 · NEWS
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment publishes National Battery Strategy 2025
The evolution of battery technologies and electricity production has made it possible to move towards low-emission transportation. In addition to the traffic, electrification is progressing in all fields of society. As the share of renewable energy increases, energy production becomes cleaner and more distributed. At the same time, the variation in production in different time […]
Fortum battery recycling
03.02.2021 · NEWS
Fortum expands its EV battery recycling operations with a new mechanical processing plant in Finland
In conjunction with the launch of Finland’s national battery strategy, Fortum announced in January 2021 the further expansion of its battery recycling operations. In February 2021, Fortum will open a new mechanical recycling processing plant located in Ikaalinen, Finland [...]
Telia report
03.02.2021 · NEWS
New Report: Digitalization of Public Transport in the Nordics & Baltics
Telia partnered with Arthur D. Little to look into the digitalization of public transport in the Nordics and Baltics - the results of the study are published in a comprehensive report now available online [...]
Man holding mobile phone
20.01.2021 · NEWS
SJCOG, Masabi and Kyyti Group launch EZHub – Delivering Mobile Ticketing across Seven Transit Agencies in California’s Central Valley
The San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) and Masabi announced November 20th 2020 the launch of EZHub, a cashless mobile ticketing and fare payment system, available in the Vamos Mobility App from Kyyti, that will make using public transit safer and easier to access and pay for throughout San Joaquin County [...]
Tram in Helsinki
14.12.2020 · NEWS
VTT publishes new research about the state of digitalisation in public transportation in Finland
Finland needs a digital travel information market that motivates different information providers to produce travel data needed for high-standard digital services to be shared by all service providers. In collaboration with key public transport operators, VTT studied the current situation of the digital travel information infrastructure, development needs, organisational models and measures for achieving the target state [...]
Roboride in Tampere
14.12.2020 · NEWS
Crossing the last-mile with a self-driving bus in Tampere
In September 2020, the city of Tampere started a free trial with self-driving Roboride vehicles. The self-driving last-mile busses have been transporting people among other traffic in Tampere around Hiedanranta and the Lielahti Manor. Customers can order a ride from this nifty vehicle with a smartphone for the “first and last kilometre” – meaning those stretches that public transport does not cover otherwise [...]
RAAS white paper
09.12.2020 · NEWS
Whitepaper Safety Challenges of Autonomous Mobile Systems in Dynamic Unstructured Environments
RAAS Research Alliance for Autonomous Systems released their White Paper in November 2020 about safety challenges of autonomous mobile systems in dynamic unstructured environments [...]
RAAS white paper
04.12.2020 · NEWS
Whitepaper Autonomous Solutions and Change in the Technology Companies' Business
Autonomous systems bring up new opportunities to industries and supply chains. At the same time, they demand new business models, and challenge industries, and society, to change. RAAS Research Alliance for Autonomous Systems released their White Paper in August 2020 about autonomous solutions and change in the technology companies' business [...] 
Mobile app for Smart Ports
30.10.2020 · NEWS
Awake AI has launched a new mobile app for Smart Ports
Awake.AI has officially launched a new mobile app for the use of its Smart Port as a Service (SPaaS) solution, which provides maritime actors with improved situational awareness and more efficient port calls. SPaaS is a real-time overview and collaboration tool which enables smarter operational decision-making and helps maritime businesses to become environmentally more sustainable, considerably benefiting the industry […]
29.09.2020 · NEWS
Espoo named one of six top innovation hotspots in Europe
The City of Espoo has landed, for the second time in as many years, in the top six of the European Capital of Innovation Awards, a competition run and funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020. The Finnish city accepted the award as recognition of its success in providing an attractive innovation and operating environment for […]
23.09.2020 · NEWS
The world’s first MaaS operator commits to replace one million cars by 2030
MaaS Global, the world’s first MaaS operator, is now carbon neutral. The company has calculated its carbon footprint and offset CO2 emissions from not only its operations but also from customers trips made by using the company’s award-winning Whim app. – We are happy to announce that you can now take carbon neutral trips by […]
09.09.2020 · NEWS
Tallinn University of Technology, Pylot and Telia are for the first time testing cross-border remote operation of an autonomous vehicle
Self-driving cars have become a reality, but they still require human intervention. Even the most advanced autonomous technology cannot solve all traffic situations, as it sometimes requires decision-making logic machines are not capable of. To test those scenarios, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) built Iseauto, a self-driving shuttle. Now for the first time, TalTech, German […]
02.09.2020 · NEWS
Blog: Sensible 4 makes The Dongfeng CM7 autonomous
One of the autonomous vehicles in the FABULOS pilot project last spring in Helsinki’s Pasila region was an ordinary-looking minibus. The only way to tell it’s not your everyday vehicle are the markings and sensors attached to it. But what truly matters, the technology, is located inside. Built by the Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng, the Fengxing […]
18.08.2020 · NEWS
Vaisala Digital delivers real-time, comprehensive weather data to new Hyundai Motor Company vehicles
The inclusion of Vaisala’s digital weather information offering bolsters Hyundai’s focus on driver safety and positions the company as an advocate for innovative connected car services.  Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement, today announced at TU-Automotive Detroit an agreement with Hyundai Motors to deliver Vaisala Infotainment Weather, a digital offering that […]
15.06.2020 · NEWS
City of Lahti Launches a Personal Carbon Trading Scheme for Citizens
Lahti, Finland, has become the first city in the world to launch a personal carbon trading scheme to reduce emissions from transport. Personal carbon trading means that citizens will benefit from reducing their own mobility emissions. “The CitiCAP app of Lahti rewards people when the CO2 emissions of mobility are low,” says Anna Huttunen, the […]
Traffic, road and cars
05.06.2020 · NEWS
Vaisala Road-Ai helps Ringway Ltd in road inspections during the pandemic
Ringway has employed a form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to allow essential highways maintenance checks to safely continue. The mobile data collection system with a broader vision in road video capture increases AI-based added value to support operations. Ringway is one of the strongest consulting companies in UK road and infrastructure management industry. In […]
01.06.2020 · NEWS
A Unique Smart City Pilot Goes Live In Espoo, Finland
A company consortium led by Nokia is targeting the global smart city markets, worth tens of billions of euros.  The LuxTurrim5G ecosystem has just completed a one-of-a-kind piloting environment that boosts the development of new data-driven services for cities both in Finland and abroad. It covers the route from Nokia HQ Campus in Espoo, Finland, […]
29.05.2020 · NEWS
Data helps the city of Vaasa go carbon neutral
A collaboration project between the City of Vaasa, Vaasan Sähkö, Wärtsilä and TietoEVRY is aiming to build one of the world’s first solutions to help a city go carbon neutral. In the pilot, the team is researching measures that could slow down climate change, with the City of Vaasa a pilot environment. Cities all over […]
29.05.2020 · NEWS
Finnish AI research gets boost from NVIDIA
The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) and NVIDIA have announced the establishment of a joint research centre to accelerate artificial intelligence research, education and adoption in Finland. Called NVIDIA AI Technology Center (NVAITC), the centre will begin its operations next month, offering researchers an opportunity to develop computationally demanding AI applications with the help […]
29.05.2020 · NEWS
Enfuce powers payments in MaaS Global’s revolutionary mobility app
Maas Global, the leading Mobility as a Service provider, has partnered with Enfuce – Finland’s largest fintech startup – to launch a card payment offering in Whim, MaaS Global’s all-inclusive mobility app. The partnership enables MaaS Global to issue Mastercard prepaid cards securely, and expand its offering to new markets. MaaS Global revolutionises urban mobility […]
19.05.2020 · NEWS
Semi-autonomous truck convoying gives new opportunities - also in Finland
A study conducted by the University of Oulu indicates that truck convoying has positive impacts on fuel economy and on emissions. Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) convoying gives new opportunities also in Finland. The study shows improvements in fuel economy and reduction in emissions. It also changes the drivers’ roles. In a semi-autonomous convoy, the lead […]
19.05.2020 · NEWS
Blog: Traffic’s new normal
The invisible enemy that is the coronavirus changed everything overnight. Now, we must think what the world will be like in the future. As some sort of gauge of activity, traffic reflects the state of our society and economy in many ways. As such, it is quite natural to take a look at the post-coronavirus […]
13.05.2020 · NEWS
PayiQ and MaaS Global Oy Partner for Domestic and International Markets
PayiQ and MaaS Global are heading together for global markets. The companies strengthen their partnership to provide the best solution for smart cities, transportation industry and the whole MaaS sector. MaaS Global and PayiQ are taking their cooperation for Mobility as a Service market to a new strategic level. They’re expanding their cooperation beyond MaaS, […]
13.05.2020 · NEWS
VTT to acquire Finland’s first quantum computer – seeking to bolster Finland’s competitiveness
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is launching a project to acquire Finland’s first quantum computer. The first phase of this three-phase project is seeking to bolster Finland’s ability to design and build quantum computers, and to create a competence base for future applications. The design and construction of the quantum computer will be carried […]
30.04.2020 · NEWS
Biila Go is hiring – coronavirus outbreak boosted the demand
Currently, many companies are forced to lay off their employees due to the coronavirus outbreak. In case of some services, however, the demand has increased. Biila Solutions Oy, headquartered in Finland, has had a growth exceeding 500% during the last 4 weeks. The demand for the company’s service called Biila Go has gone up drastically. Biila Go […]
23.04.2020 · NEWS
PayiQ and SC SOFT to Form Global Partnership
Finnish PayiQ and Singapore-based SC SOFT PTE LTD (“SC SOFT”) are forming a global collaboration on contactless validation. Together they’ll launch a solution for smart payments and validation for ticketing on the go. This collaboration will cater for contactless ticketing, NFC, vehicle location and expected arrival time for the buses on the PayiQ Ticketing as […]
20.04.2020 · NEWS
Sensible 4 launches a fleet of self-driving vehicles in busy area of Helsinki
A fleet of three self-driving vehicles, an on-demand mobile app and a Remote Control Centre (RCC) for autonomous vehicles begins operating in an upcoming first-of-a-kind pilot that will start in Helsinki on Tuesday, April 14 2020. One of the aims of the project is to gain experience from the complex traffic and real-world situations the […]
15.04.2020 · NEWS
JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy made an investment in the European e-mobility platform company Virta
JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (“JXTG”) has completed an investment in Virta Ltd – a global leader of electric vehicle charging platform technologies, and signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation. The capital injection accelerates both companies’ growth in the e-mobility sector and strengthens their positions in providing energy for mobility, while accelerating the global […]
Gatcha bus in Kivistö
09.04.2020 · NEWS
BBC's public transport reportage features various Finnish solutions
BBC live podcast series “People fixing the world” features various smart mobility solutions in a special reportage on public transport. LuxTurrim5G ecosystem is presented through examples by Sensible 4 and Teleste in the episode “The big transport swap“. The episode also features MaaS Global and its Whim application. Read more on LuxTurrim5G’s website and listen […]
06.04.2020 · NEWS
MaaS Global transforms global mobility one journey at a time
MaaS Global is a pioneer of the transport sector transformation underway in Finland and around the world. The company’s mobile app Whim, launched in November 2017, has already been used for more than 10 million trips in Finland, Belgium, England and Austria. Conveniently combining public and private transport options, the Whim app can be used […]
21.03.2020 · NEWS
Strategic guidance and cooperation needed in developing 5G transport infra
The transport sector is changing rapidly. Climate change and increasing traffic levels present challenges, while at the same time digitalisation creates new opportunities for transport development. The Government Programme also highlights the objectives of well-functioning transport infrastructure and effective communications. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has examined how the development of telecommunications networks can best […]
19.03.2020 · NEWS
Virta ranked as Europe’s fastest-growing electric vehicle charging service provider
Virta Ltd. (Liikennevirta Oy) has been ranked as the fastest-growing electric vehicle charging platform in Europe by the Financial Times on their 2020 FT 1000 list. The FT 1000 ranks Europe’s fastest-growing companies annually – Virta’s overall ranking on the list is 179. The Global EV charging operator Virta – founded in 2013 in Finland, […]
06.03.2020 · NEWS
Finnair and Neste partner to reduce CO2 footprint of flying
Finnair, the airline specialized in connecting Europe and Asia, and Neste, the world’s largest producer of sustainable aviation fuel from renewable waste and residues, have signed a new agreement which will gradually and considerably increase Finnair’s use of sustainable aviation fuel in its operations. The new partnership will be a key contributing factor in Finnair’s […]
28.02.2020 · NEWS
Sensible 4 raises $7 million to expand to Europe and Asia
Series A round investors NordicNinja VC and ITOCHU to support Sensible 4 as they scale to Europe and Asia Finnish autonomous driving technology pioneer Sensible 4 has raised $7 million in their series A funding round that will see the company market expansion to Europe and Asia. Sensible 4’s first investment round was led by […]
Traffic, road and cars
25.02.2020 · NEWS
Over 14 million daily interface calls in the Digitraffic service – More and more Finns use real-time traffic data
Finns are utilising real-time traffic data more and more actively to support their traffic needs as shown by the increased use of traffic control group Traffic Management Finland’s Digitraffic traffic data marketplace. In 2019, Digitraffic received as many as 14 million daily interface calls. The open data provided by Digitraffic is utilised extensively in, for […]
VTT SenseWay
06.02.2020 · NEWS
VTT SenseWay helps customers boost competitiveness with autonomous solutions
The new VTT subsidiary, VTT SenseWay, will make the expertise related to autonomous solutions available to customers. Our frontrunner position in autonomous innovations will boost the competitiveness of not only companies but of Finland as well. Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä, who participated in the opening event of VTT SenseWay in Turku, underscores the […]
06.02.2020 · NEWS
In the future, data will travel via space
The telecommunication system of the future is a multifaceted whole, combining 5G mobile networks with satellite networks in space and low Earth orbit. The flexible and reliable connections and powerful data transfer can be utilised particularly on moving objects and in scarcely populated areas. Good telecommunication connections reliable in all conditions enable, for example, autonomous […]
06.02.2020 · NEWS
Motorcycles to be made smarter and safer with digitalisation
VTT and KTM Nordic Oy (KTM) have started cooperation to equip the KTM motorcycle with similar technical data transmission and environment perception systems as VTT’s automated vehicles.  The vehicle safety systems and sensors are intended to make motorcycles more visible to other vehicles and traffic safer and more efficient than before. VTT has received international […]
Gatcha bus
05.02.2020 · NEWS
SoftBank's SB Drive and Finnish Sensible 4 starting autonomous driving collaboration
Japanese SB Drive announces a collaboration with Finnish Sensible 4 on self-driving technology integration for autonomous shuttles. SoftBank’s self-driving subsidiary, SB Drive, has started a collaboration with Finnish autonomous driving technology company Sensible 4. The primary purpose of the cooperation is to accelerate the implementation of autonomous shuttles in Europe and Japan and bring them […]
Gatcha bus in Kivistö
05.02.2020 · NEWS
Sensible 4’s GACHA pilot ongoing in Vantaa
GACHA’s first pilot program for 2020 has started in Kivistö, Vantaa. From 14 January 2020 to 13 February 2020, GACHA will be driving a 3,4 km route starting at the Kivistö train station – with stops at five other locations. Operations take place from Tuesday to Thursday between 10-12 and 13-15. The program is open […]

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