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  • 2020
Espoo named one of six top innovation hotspots in Europe
The City of Espoo has landed, for the second time in as many years, in the top six of the European Capital of Innovation Awards, a competition run and funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020. The Finnish city accepted the award as recognition of its success in providing an attractive innovation and operating environment for […]
The world’s first MaaS operator commits to replace one million cars by 2030
MaaS Global, the world’s first MaaS operator, is now carbon neutral. The company has calculated its carbon footprint and offset CO2 emissions from not only its operations but also from customers trips made by using the company’s award-winning Whim app. – We are happy to announce that you can now take carbon neutral trips by […]
Tallinn University of Technology, Pylot and Telia are for the first time testing cross-border remote operation of an autonomous vehicle
Self-driving cars have become a reality, but they still require human intervention. Even the most advanced autonomous technology cannot solve all traffic situations, as it sometimes requires decision-making logic machines are not capable of. To test those scenarios, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) built Iseauto, a self-driving shuttle. Now for the first time, TalTech, German […]
Blog: Sensible 4 makes The Dongfeng CM7 autonomous
One of the autonomous vehicles in the FABULOS pilot project last spring in Helsinki’s Pasila region was an ordinary-looking minibus. The only way to tell it’s not your everyday vehicle are the markings and sensors attached to it. But what truly matters, the technology, is located inside. Built by the Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng, the Fengxing […]
Vaisala Digital delivers real-time, comprehensive weather data to new Hyundai Motor Company vehicles
The inclusion of Vaisala’s digital weather information offering bolsters Hyundai’s focus on driver safety and positions the company as an advocate for innovative connected car services.  Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement, today announced at TU-Automotive Detroit an agreement with Hyundai Motors to deliver Vaisala Infotainment Weather, a digital offering that […]
City of Lahti Launches a Personal Carbon Trading Scheme for Citizens
Lahti, Finland, has become the first city in the world to launch a personal carbon trading scheme to reduce emissions from transport. Personal carbon trading means that citizens will benefit from reducing their own mobility emissions. “The CitiCAP app of Lahti rewards people when the CO2 emissions of mobility are low,” says Anna Huttunen, the […]
Traffic, road and cars
Vaisala Road-Ai helps Ringway Ltd in road inspections during the pandemic
Ringway has employed a form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to allow essential highways maintenance checks to safely continue. The mobile data collection system with a broader vision in road video capture increases AI-based added value to support operations. Ringway is one of the strongest consulting companies in UK road and infrastructure management industry. In […]
A Unique Smart City Pilot Goes Live In Espoo, Finland
A company consortium led by Nokia is targeting the global smart city markets, worth tens of billions of euros.  The LuxTurrim5G ecosystem has just completed a one-of-a-kind piloting environment that boosts the development of new data-driven services for cities both in Finland and abroad. It covers the route from Nokia HQ Campus in Espoo, Finland, […]
Data helps the city of Vaasa go carbon neutral
A collaboration project between the City of Vaasa, Vaasan Sähkö, Wärtsilä and TietoEVRY is aiming to build one of the world’s first solutions to help a city go carbon neutral. In the pilot, the team is researching measures that could slow down climate change, with the City of Vaasa a pilot environment. Cities all over […]
Finnish AI research gets boost from NVIDIA
The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) and NVIDIA have announced the establishment of a joint research centre to accelerate artificial intelligence research, education and adoption in Finland. Called NVIDIA AI Technology Center (NVAITC), the centre will begin its operations next month, offering researchers an opportunity to develop computationally demanding AI applications with the help […]
Enfuce powers payments in MaaS Global’s revolutionary mobility app
Maas Global, the leading Mobility as a Service provider, has partnered with Enfuce – Finland’s largest fintech startup – to launch a card payment offering in Whim, MaaS Global’s all-inclusive mobility app. The partnership enables MaaS Global to issue Mastercard prepaid cards securely, and expand its offering to new markets. MaaS Global revolutionises urban mobility […]
Semi-autonomous truck convoying gives new opportunities - also in Finland
A study conducted by the University of Oulu indicates that truck convoying has positive impacts on fuel economy and on emissions. Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) convoying gives new opportunities also in Finland. The study shows improvements in fuel economy and reduction in emissions. It also changes the drivers’ roles. In a semi-autonomous convoy, the lead […]
Blog: Traffic’s new normal
The invisible enemy that is the coronavirus changed everything overnight. Now, we must think what the world will be like in the future. As some sort of gauge of activity, traffic reflects the state of our society and economy in many ways. As such, it is quite natural to take a look at the post-coronavirus […]
PayiQ and MaaS Global Oy Partner for Domestic and International Markets
PayiQ and MaaS Global are heading together for global markets. The companies strengthen their partnership to provide the best solution for smart cities, transportation industry and the whole MaaS sector. MaaS Global and PayiQ are taking their cooperation for Mobility as a Service market to a new strategic level. They’re expanding their cooperation beyond MaaS, […]
VTT to acquire Finland’s first quantum computer – seeking to bolster Finland’s competitiveness
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is launching a project to acquire Finland’s first quantum computer. The first phase of this three-phase project is seeking to bolster Finland’s ability to design and build quantum computers, and to create a competence base for future applications. The design and construction of the quantum computer will be carried […]
Biila Go is hiring – coronavirus outbreak boosted the demand
Currently, many companies are forced to lay off their employees due to the coronavirus outbreak. In case of some services, however, the demand has increased. Biila Solutions Oy, headquartered in Finland, has had a growth exceeding 500% during the last 4 weeks. The demand for the company’s service called Biila Go has gone up drastically. Biila Go […]
PayiQ and SC SOFT to Form Global Partnership
Finnish PayiQ and Singapore-based SC SOFT PTE LTD (“SC SOFT”) are forming a global collaboration on contactless validation. Together they’ll launch a solution for smart payments and validation for ticketing on the go. This collaboration will cater for contactless ticketing, NFC, vehicle location and expected arrival time for the buses on the PayiQ Ticketing as […]
Sensible 4 launches a fleet of self-driving vehicles in busy area of Helsinki
A fleet of three self-driving vehicles, an on-demand mobile app and a Remote Control Centre (RCC) for autonomous vehicles begins operating in an upcoming first-of-a-kind pilot that will start in Helsinki on Tuesday, April 14 2020. One of the aims of the project is to gain experience from the complex traffic and real-world situations the […]
JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy made an investment in the European e-mobility platform company Virta
JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (“JXTG”) has completed an investment in Virta Ltd – a global leader of electric vehicle charging platform technologies, and signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation. The capital injection accelerates both companies’ growth in the e-mobility sector and strengthens their positions in providing energy for mobility, while accelerating the global […]
Gatcha bus in Kivistö
BBC's public transport reportage features various Finnish solutions
BBC live podcast series “People fixing the world” features various smart mobility solutions in a special reportage on public transport. LuxTurrim5G ecosystem is presented through examples by Sensible 4 and Teleste in the episode “The big transport swap“. The episode also features MaaS Global and its Whim application. Read more on LuxTurrim5G’s website and listen […]
MaaS Global transforms global mobility one journey at a time
MaaS Global is a pioneer of the transport sector transformation underway in Finland and around the world. The company’s mobile app Whim, launched in November 2017, has already been used for more than 10 million trips in Finland, Belgium, England and Austria. Conveniently combining public and private transport options, the Whim app can be used […]
Strategic guidance and cooperation needed in developing 5G transport infra
The transport sector is changing rapidly. Climate change and increasing traffic levels present challenges, while at the same time digitalisation creates new opportunities for transport development. The Government Programme also highlights the objectives of well-functioning transport infrastructure and effective communications. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has examined how the development of telecommunications networks can best […]
Virta ranked as Europe’s fastest-growing electric vehicle charging service provider
Virta Ltd. (Liikennevirta Oy) has been ranked as the fastest-growing electric vehicle charging platform in Europe by the Financial Times on their 2020 FT 1000 list. The FT 1000 ranks Europe’s fastest-growing companies annually – Virta’s overall ranking on the list is 179. The Global EV charging operator Virta – founded in 2013 in Finland, […]
Finnair and Neste partner to reduce CO2 footprint of flying
Finnair, the airline specialized in connecting Europe and Asia, and Neste, the world’s largest producer of sustainable aviation fuel from renewable waste and residues, have signed a new agreement which will gradually and considerably increase Finnair’s use of sustainable aviation fuel in its operations. The new partnership will be a key contributing factor in Finnair’s […]
Sensible 4 raises $7 million to expand to Europe and Asia
Series A round investors NordicNinja VC and ITOCHU to support Sensible 4 as they scale to Europe and Asia Finnish autonomous driving technology pioneer Sensible 4 has raised $7 million in their series A funding round that will see the company market expansion to Europe and Asia. Sensible 4’s first investment round was led by […]
Traffic, road and cars
Over 14 million daily interface calls in the Digitraffic service – More and more Finns use real-time traffic data
Finns are utilising real-time traffic data more and more actively to support their traffic needs as shown by the increased use of traffic control group Traffic Management Finland’s Digitraffic traffic data marketplace. In 2019, Digitraffic received as many as 14 million daily interface calls. The open data provided by Digitraffic is utilised extensively in, for […]
VTT SenseWay
VTT SenseWay helps customers boost competitiveness with autonomous solutions
The new VTT subsidiary, VTT SenseWay, will make the expertise related to autonomous solutions available to customers. Our frontrunner position in autonomous innovations will boost the competitiveness of not only companies but of Finland as well. Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä, who participated in the opening event of VTT SenseWay in Turku, underscores the […]
In the future, data will travel via space
The telecommunication system of the future is a multifaceted whole, combining 5G mobile networks with satellite networks in space and low Earth orbit. The flexible and reliable connections and powerful data transfer can be utilised particularly on moving objects and in scarcely populated areas. Good telecommunication connections reliable in all conditions enable, for example, autonomous […]
Motorcycles to be made smarter and safer with digitalisation
VTT and KTM Nordic Oy (KTM) have started cooperation to equip the KTM motorcycle with similar technical data transmission and environment perception systems as VTT’s automated vehicles.  The vehicle safety systems and sensors are intended to make motorcycles more visible to other vehicles and traffic safer and more efficient than before. VTT has received international […]
Gatcha bus
SoftBank's SB Drive and Finnish Sensible 4 starting autonomous driving collaboration
Japanese SB Drive announces a collaboration with Finnish Sensible 4 on self-driving technology integration for autonomous shuttles. SoftBank’s self-driving subsidiary, SB Drive, has started a collaboration with Finnish autonomous driving technology company Sensible 4. The primary purpose of the cooperation is to accelerate the implementation of autonomous shuttles in Europe and Japan and bring them […]
Gatcha bus in Kivistö
Sensible 4’s GACHA pilot ongoing in Vantaa
GACHA’s first pilot program for 2020 has started in Kivistö, Vantaa. From 14 January 2020 to 13 February 2020, GACHA will be driving a 3,4 km route starting at the Kivistö train station – with stops at five other locations. Operations take place from Tuesday to Thursday between 10-12 and 13-15. The program is open […]

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