New solutions come to life in Finland

The mobility revolution needs solutions that work. Before introduction to market, new technologies and innovations need to be tested. Finland is an ideal testbed for all things new in mobility. We have the necessary enablers: buzzing mobility scene with enthusiastic and excellent solutions builders, cities offering their infrastructure for testing, world-leading regulation enabling pilots and experiments and, most importantly, we have citizens eager to use the new transport and logistics solutions. Our testing and piloting cultures are second to none – therefore new solutions come to life in Finland.

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Quick actions are needed to limit global warming increasing to 1.5 degree Celsius. Finnish companies are helping the world accelerate towards a new era of sustainable mobility with smart, safe and efficient transport services and solutions.

The new eBook by ITS Finland, Intelligent Transportation Society of Finland, gathers information about the Finnish innovation and development culture, mobility companies and the mobility ecosystem around sustainable transportation as well as presents the possibilities that cities and multiple test beds have to offer for the foreign transportation actors interested in the Nordic markets.
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