Semel Group consist of mobile system suppliers Halda AB and Semel Oy and parking and payment systems supplier Modulsystem Sweden AB. Semel EVpay IoT is developed for EV charging systems serving both consumers and charge point operators making charging and payment process easy and secure.

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Vire Labs

VIRE LABS Oy is an innovative Finnish hardware and software development company with specialized expertise in embedded systems and graphics programming that uses AI.

VIREBOX.AI is a development platform for digitizing human, material, and service flows. It allows you to identify deviations, streamline processes, and make future predictions.

The world’s first real-time passenger information system It’s about real-time passenger information. When leaving a stop, we are immediately informed of how many passengers are in each part of the tram. We can categorize the passengers with the accuracy of human, dog, bike, and stroller. In addition, we get a ‘stop flow’ in almost real time for all trams, which means we can see how the entire tram traffic goes. The calculation of passenger capacity is carried out with edge computing, in this case on the tram. Video image never leaves the tram. Vire Labs Virebox.AI combines sensor information collected from the tram with the data from the camera and initiates edge computing. As a result of the computing, only the number of passengers and identified objects in each car is transmitted to the cloud for analysis. “If a system that meets GDPR regulations is built in Finland, it can also be easily deployed on the international market.

Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki is the City of Helsinki innovation company. We co-create urban futures with companies, cities, universities and citizens. We help cities utilize data and technology and we help companies to pilot and use Helsinki as a test bed.

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Safe, smooth and environmentally friendly mobility in Finland

We ensure that pilots are cleared to land, that drivers are informed of disruptions on the road ahead, that rail passengers know that their train will arrive on platform three and that the captain of an oil tanker will know to avoid an impending collision. We are proud of our role in making Finland work by controlling traffic on land, at sea and in the air.  

Our most important asset is real-time data. We know the status of the traffic system at any given time and are aware of what is happening in traffic. We want to ensure that all this data is efficiently leveraged and that all operators in the sector can have real-time access to the situational awareness that we produce.  

However, we have more ambitious goals than that: we want to be able to anticipate what will happen in traffic and what will be the consequences of any particular incident occurring. By operating smartly, we can prevent accidents, reduce travel times and streamline transfers from one mode of traffic to another. Similarly, we can accelerate the emergence of new door-to-door passenger services, reduce traffic emissions and save taxpayer money. In the world we envision, the same rails can carry more trains, unmanned aircraft can fly safely, traffic lights are able to prevent congestion from forming, and trucks and ships can automatically regulate their speed to the most economical setting.  Passenger rides can be automatically pooled in cities and in rural areas, and cargo from an inland factory to an overseas client can be carried affordably and efficiently. Trips and logistics chains involving multiple modes of traffic are provided with seamless transitions. 

All this is quite possible but requires two things to make it happen.  Firstly, Finland must build a new digital layer over the existing physical transport infrastructure to provide a real-time situational awareness of the entire transport system and the services therein. Secondly, Finland needs digital traffic regulations that govern how each individual operator can share data and build services that are 100% compatible with everything else.  With this, we can create a Finnish network of traffic operators making the most effective use of data, a network unique in the world. This network will be a traffic ecosystem where everyone shares the same goals and common interests are everyone’s interests.  We want to be the coordinator in making this happen.  

We have a unique opportunity. With this, Finland would be the only country in the world to bring all modes of traffic under one umbrella. This would give us an exceptional advantage that we could then leverage. We now have the opportunity to make Finland a showcase of smart traffic and logistics, besides creating new jobs, new services and competitiveness. 

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Digital car wash solutions

SUPEROPERATOR is a pioneer in the car wash industry, helping operators grow through digitalization. Simplicity, safety and scalability drive our way. The Superoperator technology has been tested since 2012 and offers a simple and safe way to turn any type of traditional car wash digital. It allows convenient in-out car wash experience with contactless access and secure, GDPR-compliant transactions. Other car service industry operators benefit from our constantly growing brand-independent car wash network by offering their value-added services to mobily engaged drivers. With a head office in Kuopio, Finland, our highly motivated professionals in Finland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland run the daily operations.

E3 Innovations

Leader in turning car data into real benefits

E3 INNOVATION’S E3 Sense monitors your vehicle – on the move – and its performance, the driver’s behavior, along with road conditions and road quality. It provides you with real-time information for optimal performance. The data needed for E3 Sense is provided by an additional E3 Blue device, a vehicle computer, which records information from the CAN bus of your car. It produces a lot of data for you about the conditions of your car and the road you are driving on. In addition, E3 Blue is similar to an airplane black box, showing what happened if an accident occurs. Along with E3 Blue, we offer an additional three services: E3 Tire Monitor, E3 Black Box and E3 Streamer.



LUMINEQ is thin film electroluminescent displays (TFEL) have been serving critical applications in extreme conditions for the past 30 years. Our mission is to provide customers with the most durable and transparent displays while improving vehicle safety. LUMINEQ displays are used in a wide array of mobility applications: aircraft, cars, trucks and buses, trains and trams, tractors, heavy equipment and marine. LUMINEQ transparent displays enable manufacturers to break the design boundaries of conventional vehicles by turning any glass surface, such as windshields or side windows, into interactive seethrough displays. Our automotive display portfolio includes various head-up display (HUD) solutions and in-glass laminated vehicle displays. LUMINEQ displays are designed and manufactured by Beneq, an international technology company headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

Ilmatieteen laitos

World-leading meteorological expert services and weather information systems

FINNISH METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE’S (FMI) mission is to produce high-quality services and scientific knowledge on the atmosphere and seas. We develop and run our own atmospheric, marine and road weather models to provide safety and added value for all transportation modes. The main objectives are to provide the best possible information about the atmosphere above and around Finland, ensuring public safety and fluency related to weather and conditions. FMI possesses wide expertise in R&D and end-user services.

Some of our key research areas include the development of innovative and intelligent road weather models. FMI is also studying the possibilities of exchanging weather and safety data directly with road users via its experimental combined Road Weather Station and Roadside Unit (RWS/ RSU) concept station installed nearby FMI facilities in Sodankylä, Northern Finland.


Your mobile bikeshop

YEPLY transforms and digitalizes the old-fashioned bike maintenance industry by bringing bike service to people and making it an exciting, fun and fast experience. Yeply operates with 20 service units in Finland and Germany. We have ambitious growth plans – we aim to become the best and biggest bike service in the world and to create a digital ecosystem for bike owners. Our bike maintenance services are offered as a single purchase or membership model to consumers. Yeply offers bike maintenance services to businesses and our digital platform to bike manufacturers and bike shops. WE KEEP YOU RIDING


Wireless IoT connectivity

WIREPAS is an international technology company focused on IoT connectivity software development. We offer our clients a development environment, which ensures the flow of data between devices and backend reliably. All of this is possible thanks to our extremely experienced, ambitious and passionate team. Wirepas is focused on industrial-grade, large IoT applications. This is where Wirepas Mesh can make a unique impact – and also where the majority of the connected devices are going to be. Wirepas Mesh software provides wireless connectivity for IoT with superior energy efficiency, scalability and reliability. IoT devices form the wireless network automatically without any external infrastructure, providing the lowest lifetime costs.