Lahti GEM – Green Electrification of Mobility Cluster

Lahti GEM is a platform for companies, research and education organisations as well as cities. The platform is established to generate and maintain cooperation for developing and commercialising technologies and solutions for the cleaner future of mobility.

New trends of electrification

Lahti GEM


Key benefits

  • A growing and active network of frontrunner companies and other organizations in the field of green electrification of mobility;
  • A direct access to the top expertise, research and young professionals from the universities; participate and utilize RDI and pilot projects;
  • An opportunity to plan and execute concrete technology and business development projects with other companies, universities and the cities;
  • An opportunity to scan new potential business partnerships and innovative companies nationally and internationally.

Target groups

We are looking for sister clusters for collaboration, new technologies, investments, start up excellence, RDI and Academic cooperation.



”Electric mobility will revolutionize the whole society”:

Lahti GEM partners’ Business Finland project pilots smart energy management of properties and electric cars:

Kempower’s Heavy Electric Traffic Ecosystem program boosted by 10 million euros’ funding from Business Finland:



Name: Pekka Komu
Position: Business Development Manager
Company: Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd
Phone: +358407413299