E3 Innovations

Leader in turning car data into real benefits

E3 INNOVATION’S E3 Sense monitors your vehicle – on the move – and its performance, the driver’s behavior, along with road conditions and road quality. It provides you with real-time information for optimal performance. The data needed for E3 Sense is provided by an additional E3 Blue device, a vehicle computer, which records information from the CAN bus of your car. It produces a lot of data for you about the conditions of your car and the road you are driving on. In addition, E3 Blue is similar to an airplane black box, showing what happened if an accident occurs. Along with E3 Blue, we offer an additional three services: E3 Tire Monitor, E3 Black Box and E3 Streamer.

Ilmatieteen laitos

World-leading meteorological expert services and weather information systems

FINNISH METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE’S (FMI) mission is to produce high-quality services and scientific knowledge on the atmosphere and seas. We develop and run our own atmospheric, marine and road weather models to provide safety and added value for all transportation modes. The main objectives are to provide the best possible information about the atmosphere above and around Finland, ensuring public safety and fluency related to weather and conditions. FMI possesses wide expertise in R&D and end-user services.

Some of our key research areas include the development of innovative and intelligent road weather models. FMI is also studying the possibilities of exchanging weather and safety data directly with road users via its experimental combined Road Weather Station and Roadside Unit (RWS/ RSU) concept station installed nearby FMI facilities in Sodankylä, Northern Finland.


Fact-based visibility to your operations and efficiency

MILLISECOND provides fact-based visibility to your operations and efficiency. It collects real-time business operations data and fleet information for any brand. Our Millisecond solution can also combine and collect cost and revenue data from your other relevant data sources. The utilization of modern and secure technologies enables GDPR-compliant consent management, data economy and data sharing.


Real-Time HDR visual analysis

KOVILTA offers a range of innovative solutions that can be utilized for challenging image analysis applications. Some of our solutions include efficient pixel-level computation, integration to higher level image content analysis systems, compact embedded camera platforms and solutions for autonomous smart camera operation. Kovilta develops smart, high-dynamic-range cameras for real-time situational awareness. Kovilta’s parallel focal-plane sensor processor technology takes the task of heavy image analysis right next to the sensor pixels. Locally adaptive exposure allows operation in all illumination conditions. Critical visual feature data can be extracted in less time than it takes to transfer data out of a traditional camera for processing. Kovilta’s products include proprietary KOVA sensor-processor integrated circuit (IC) chips, embedded camera modules, and image analysis algorithms and software interfaces. Kovilta’s customers are international R&D service clients.



Smart traffic and road maintenance

Infotripla is a Finnish forerunner in new digital age transport system services. Our services and products are especially targeted to smart mobility and transport, with 20 years’ experience on new, emerging technologies and solutions driven by customer needs. The existing solutions and services are already proven by market – in both private and public sectors.

Today Infotripla is part of the globally active Aebi Schmidt Group which has a broad expertise in digital solutions, primarily for airports and winter maintenance, but as well for any other cleaning and clearing operations throughout the seasons. In addition to digital everyday operations support, the Group is also offering systems for autonomous operations at airports.


Awake.AI is a software platform company building an ecosystem for smart ports and autonomous shipping. The objective of Awake.AI is to lead the transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics, reducing global shipping emissions with the help of ecosystem partners. The platform is first of its kind, built from the ground up to accommodate seamless collaboration within the entire maritime logistics chain by sharing situational awareness and providing AI-supported predictions for future planning. The API’s and applications built on top of the Awake platform are available for customers and third parties using the subscription business model.

More information: awake.ai



Working towards self-driving cars or digital road maintenance? Want to improve the performance of existing active safety systems with road friction estimates? Integrating RoadCloud’s friction estimates into a collision mitigation system, such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB), reduces crash energy by up to 80% on icy roads. Road maintenance costs, in turn, can be cut by as much as 20% with the help of our data. RoadCloud also provides proactive road friction and quality data as a service to facilitate the pursuit of autonomous driving. Our data makes it possible to issue targeted warnings, monitor road networks in real time 24/7 and optimise maintenance efforts accordingly.

Aavista – Data Refinery for Future Mobility

Cities have the last mile problem: how to move people efficiently with climate friendly choices. Micromobility with city bikes and scooters helps to cover the last mile. Cities and operators must design the city bike network so that bikes are at the right place at the right time.

Aavista City helps cities and operators to plan and operate efficiently the bike and scooter operations by spotting empty and overfilled docks. This will save money by reducing bike moving by operators.

Aavista City Data Platform provides enriched insights and benchmarks to optimize the fleet usage. The platform covers tens of cities worldwide.



MOPRIM generates mobility behaviour data for businesses operating mobility apps. Our user level mobility behaviour data can improve user experience, drive operational excellence, prediction or big data analysis. MOPRIM develops proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, data engines for apps and cloud platforms. We collect and prepare our own training data with our proprietary tools. Our technology is able to recognise most common transport modes, including bus, car, train, tram, metro as well as walking, running and bicycling to deliver true multimodal mobility data.


Within Sweco all fields and aspects of engineering, designing and consulting merge. In Sweco we create innovative and highly functional solutions on urban and rural transportation without forgetting the people, services and environment around them. Our 17 000 employees around Northern Europe create network of forward-looking professionals.

In Sweco Finland we have strong knowledge on sustainable transportation systems, such as light rail, city bike networks and traffic data management via GIS. As the cross-technical co-operation inside Sweco is close, we have great competence to create safer future in all aspects of mobility.

To highlight the importance of sustainability for our future, we have launched a new initiative called The Urban Insight, where number of reports written by Sweco’s experts are published throughout the year. You can find them through Urban Insight website here.