Testbed for connected automated vehicles in the arctic

SNOWBOX is a comprehensive winter testbed and snow-how ecosystem for connected and automated vehicle technologies. It provides testing on public roads, cross-border corridors, and safe proving grounds with necessary workshops and offices through its partners. Testing facilities are completed by digital infrastructure and information services as well as engineering and Aurora SnowTeam expertise to support self-driving vehicle industryand academia in their development efforts. Snowbox testbed is designed for those who want to obtain weather-proof technological solutions and tackle harsh weather and difficult driving conditions which are the biggest problem for autonomous driving performance.

Snowbox is in the North, 200 km above Arctic Circle, where ground is snow-covered around half the year, temperature can dip down to -40 °C and Polar night lasts approximately one month.


Safety4Traffic mission is to help the road users to reach their destination safely with help of their real-time traffic safety services. Our services helps you to prepare for the unexpected and to react when needed to enjoy your journey and arrive more relaxed.

Safety4Traffic offers a variety of different services based on local professional sources as Dynamic Elk Warning service, Dynamic Reindeer Warning service, Dynamic Road Weather service, Real-Time Accident Information service and on other hazards on the road to increase your safety on all roads.

Safety4Traffic vision is to be the best traffic safety service provider and to impact the driving behavior to become safer. Our strategy is to constantly develop new dynamic content for local needs to make your traveling on all roads safer.

Safety for all roads!


Safety4Traffic picture


How can we build a stylish and seamless driving environment with desired electronic features and controls? IMSE™ transforms car interiors into functional smart surfaces with touch controls, lighting and electronic functions. IMSE renews surfaces into smart molded structures with responsive touch controls, illumination and wireless connectivity. IMSE integrates printed electronics and electronic components within thin, lightweight, durable and mass-producible 3D injection molded plastics. Surfaces range from wood and fabric to plastics. IMSE enables integrating electronics in new shapes and uses. TactoTek customers operate in automotive, IoT, wearables, appliance and medical sectors.


Data weaves traffic services together

Solita has the most extensive expertise in the Nordic countries on creating traffic solutions based on the needs of customers and their business. We operate on land, at sea and in the air. We support the management of railway traffic, the coordination of ice-breaking and the purchasing of tickets for public transport in the Helsinki area – along with many other activities. We help traffic operators harness data for various uses, whether dealing with the operators’ own data or data produced by other parties within the ecosystem. We create data strategies, design data-based services and build up technical data capabilities.


Automotive technology is advancing steadily, and the industry needs more highly integrated solutions for the next-generation digital cockpit. Kanzi UI and connectivity tools help manage increasing HMI complexity while enabling essential forward-looking user experiences. Kanzi provides designers seamless 2D/3D authoring with live preview as well as capabilities similar to modern game engines, while supporting all leading HMI platforms and operating systems. Accelerating design and development from prototype phase through production, Kanzi products and services radically reduce time-to-market and cost for over 50 automakers globally including Audi, Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar Land Rover, Karma Automotive, and Peugeot, among many others.



Tuxera is the market leader in data storage management software. We work with all the top Tier-1 suppliers and car manufacturers to deliver power failsafe storage software for all data-critical automotive systems – ADAS, DVR, EDR, cluster, and infotainment. Tuxera is a major contributor to the Linux community, a member of flash memory standards organizations like SD Association and JEDEC, and works together with world-leading chipset, memory vendors, and operating system software providers to develop the edge storage solutions of tomorrow. Tuxera’s patented software optimizes the read and write performance of automotive flash memory, provides proven data integrity and power fail-safety, and reduces the lifetime-degrading effects of write and erase wear.


Bittium Oy

Bittium provides intelligent and secure software solutions and professional engineering services for the Automotive industry. Our high-quality solutions and services for automotive systems help automotive industry suppliers to create secure, reliable, connected, intelligent and easy-to-use in-vehicle systems with shorter time to market.


Canatu shapes surfaces into experiences with its 3D formable and stretchable films and sensors for touch and heater applications. These transparent and conductive films and sensors can be integrated into any surface and any shape, enabling design freedom and intuitive user experiences. Tactile touch controls can be seamlessly integrated into unconventional places in automotive interiors replacing mechanical controls for sleek and unobtrusive designs, improving usability, and reducing driver distractions. Canatu 3D heaters keep ADAS sensors and LED lights clear for safe and autonomous driving in any weather. Canatu’s revolutionary solutions turn any surface smart, enhancing safety, HMI and design.

24 Rental Network

The biggest Car Sharing operator in Finland

24 Rental Network is focused on developing transportation services and information systems that complement these services. We work in active cooperation with smart cities and transportation providers for the benefit of a more modern and easy transportation environment.

Our first Car Sharing service 24Rent is the biggest one in Finland with a station based fleet of over 700 vehicles in more than 30 cities. Pay-per-minute car sharing service 24Go complements our product family with a service designed especially for urban needs with its floating fleet. Our 24Leasing enables longer leases nationwide.

Perille – Finnish travel ticket service

Perille is providing a service that improves both passenger experience and public transport usage. We have combined finding trips, searching timetables, comparing prices, and buying tickets in one place. In our service you can sort your trip based on your preferences, no matter if you value the price, arrival or departure time, speed, route, or even CO2 emissions. Perille is available on

We see that with technology we can make the accessibility and availability of the public transportation so attractive that it becomes an option for private car usage, and our mission is to combine public transportation companies as one ecosystem to make this real –  if a car driver decides to leave the car at home every 100th time, it generates some 70 million new public transportation journeys in a year only in Finland. This is our stake on sustainability.

Our time tables cover over 95% of Finnish inter-city routes, and we are increasing new transportation operators’ ticket sales whole the time into our service. We have also expanded our service to cover Helsinki – St Petersburg routes, and thanks to our partners’ strong backbone network, soon the service will cover several other Baltic Sea countries.