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Blox Car – Shared cars from locals

Blox Car is a P2P car renting platform that enables car sharing between private people. The company has grown to be the largest platform in Finland with tens of thousands of members and hundreds of cars. Our mission is to enable a more sustainable way of using private cars.

The service allows car owners to turn the second largest household cost to a potential source of income. Blox Car reduces climate change emissions and helps protect the environment by utilizing cars that are already registered for traffic instead of bringing masses of new cars to the streets. This approach also allows a wide range of cars in versatile locations. For renters it is the cheapest way to get access to a car.

Blox Car also offers businesses, housing companies and hotels a car search widget that enables listing of cars by specific criteria on their homepage. This means that e.g. housing companies can list the shared cars in their neighborhood and provide benefits, such as assigned parking places for shared cars. Hotels can give more value to their guests by offering locally shared cars directly on their site and companies can let their employees share cars between each other.

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