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Connecting the dots between data, technology and people

CGI is a global IT and business consulting company. We work together with our clients to develop services and IP with first-class customer and user experience.

Our transportation services for cities, authorities and private companies keep both people and goods moving in Finland. By combining data, technology and people, we create new business and innovation on land, at sea and in the air through our extensive ecosystem of clients and partners.

Pursuing to meet the emissions targets is everyone’s responsibility. We believe technology is key in achieving a greener future and with our services we are helping our clients act more responsible. Our logistics solution, IT4Cargo, cuts emissions from Finnish road logistics with optimization and enables up to 18 % lower carbon footprint in fuel emissions. Artificial Intelligence is harnessed for the environment, as our analytics solution for MacGregor warns of containers at risk of falling from the ship into the sea, enabling course changes before any damage occurs.

Sami Mikkonen
Vice President
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