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Ramboll Digital Mobility Lab – Tools for better planning

Ramboll’s Digital Mobility Lab has state-of-the-art mobility modelling tools that will help you achieve efficient transportation flows.

​Planning has become harder than ever, and the current methodologies in use do not support the decision-maker enough. Luckily there is nowadays a lot of data available on user needs and mobility patterns to make new kind of analysis. Decision-making can be made more rational and pre-emptive.

Our BRUTUS helps transport planners to analyze multi-modal transport demand at the individual level. Urban structure is represented with a dense land-use data set and connected with a multi-modal transport network. The simulation examines the profiles of the households in the urban structure and replicates them and their activities utilizing the travel survey sample. All activities resulting in travel demand of the simulated individuals are modeled as travel chains and generated trips assigned to the transport modes and routes.

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BRUTUS can closely represent how everyone is likely to travel in the transport system.  Thus, we can trace back simulated people throughout all the travel and activities during the day using any mode, including new mobility services. The detailed data can be analyzed in many ways to study for example the social, economic and environmental sustainability impacts of the proposed measures. As a result, you will achieve better solutions, economic benefits and reach your sustainability targets.

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