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Creating a Future Digital Landscape & Mobility

Sitowise is one of the largest built environment planning and consulting agencies in Finland, the leading expert in diversified urban projects, and a forerunner in data-driven management and data modelling. Our comprehensive services generate new and repair old – thus creating a sustainable and intelligent living environment.

 A smart and safe living environment is based on a sustainable digital infrastructure. Together with our customers, Sitowise is leading the way towards the new era of digital built environment and mobility.

The Smart City experts at Sitowise are revolutionizing mobility and MaaS solutions, public transport and logistics as well as traffic information service development.

In mobility and logistics, we are focused to implement solutions specially for daily public sector personal and goods transportation schemes. Improved use of capacity, state-of-the art on-demand solutions with MaaS-integrations are our expertise.

Our work is based on deep customer understanding and the ability to bring the right actors together. In a world where everything needs to be achieved right away, our solutions represent sustainable and continuous development to create a workable and safe everyday life.

This is how we create the conditions for a better living environment together – today and tomorrow.

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