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Vediafi Ltd

Vediafi Ltd is a Finnish company which sells and develops solutions to make logistics more efficient and greener. Solutions combine our extensive expertise on logistics digitalisation, IoT and location-based solutions, as well as data-driven products and services. Our brandmarked product families are the Clean Vehicle Wizard (CVW) gives companies and municipalities a way to evaluate the cleanliness of their vehicle fleet and act on it, the Vedia CaaS (value adding services and solutions for logistics service providers, municipalities, shippers).

Clean Vehicles Wizard, also known as CVW, is a Finnish web-based service. This wizard provides a city, company, organization, or consultant with an overall view of vehicle fleet emissions. Enter your vehicle fleet into the software to get vehicle emissions data easily and quickly for your company and/or subcontractor. You can then create emissions reports for customers, stakeholders, and investors or integrate them into sustainability reporting.

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Matti Lankinen CEO
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