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We humanize software development

VINCIT is a custom software development and design agency that creates digital services and software applications from idea to market. Founded in 2007, we currently employ an expanding team of 500 experts in California and Europe. Our passionate team of developers and designers delivers best-in-class service with cutting-edge engineering solutions. Partnering with us means you’ll be receiving a fully immersive customer experience every step of the way. Through creative collaboration, data-driven results and expert insight, we are here to provide our clients with the tools to propel their business forward.

Vincit is committed to designing a smarter future and fostering an environment where the sky’s the limit to innovation. We embrace change and want to help reimagine processes and leverage emerging technologies to build sustainable competitive advantage for our customers.

Vincit’s long-term goal is to continue to expand our business horizons and positively transform the visions of the partners we work with.

Hans Vallden
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