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Next generation of fleet automation

THE VINKA MOBILITY PLATFORM automates any on-demand mobility operation, such as taxis, public transport, special needs transportation, last-mile logistics or autonomous fleets. The platform manages the delicate balance between customer service and optimization and aggregates different transportation needs into a single operation, giving the fleet the opportunity to perform at its best. Ride sharing, smart dispatch, route optimization, fleet communication and monitoring are all included in one automated platform.

Vinka is a smart mobility startup with a focus on fleet automation. Vinka’s superior advantage is its know-how and experience in automated ride sharing and route optimization. Vinka can work with passengers or goods, with a driver or driverless, and all Vinka’s services are paratransit-ready.

Vinka provides software components for fleet automation and optimization. We can provide a full fleet management system or components to build new and update existing systems and platforms. Vinka’s business covers the B2B and B2G sectors with fleet operators, dispatch system providers, public transport operators and MaaS operators.

Heikki Karintaus
Chairman of the Board
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