Deloitte Recognizes Awake.AI with the Prestigious Logistics Impact Award – A Case Study in Innovation

Sustainable and Smart Operations in Port and Maritime Logistics

Awake.AI: Leading the Charge for Greener Ports

Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 in Finland recognizes rapidly growing technology companies, emphasizing sustainability in business. Among the celebrated is Awake.AI, granted the Impact Award for pioneering sustainable solutions in maritime logistics. CEO Karno Tenovuo and Head of Design Jari Ijäs share the journey of Awake.AI, from its roots in developing autonomous ships at Rolls Royce to creating a smart harbor ecosystem with Business Finland’s support. Their software aims to replace outdated, manual processes with AI-driven efficiency, reducing ship idle times and aiming for a significant cut in global shipping emissions by 2030.

Demand for AI-Driven Maritime Efficiency

Currently, the maritime industry’s appetite is strong for solutions that provide real-time operational data to enhance efficiency. Awake.AI’s technology serves as a bridge between ports and logistics operators, allowing shipping companies to optimize turnover and profit by minimizing manual work and fuel consumption. This not only leads to financial gains but also contributes to the broader goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the value chain.

Innovation Through Collaboration and Recognition

Reflecting on their journey, the team at Awake.AI values learning from past experiences, including navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic, geopolitical tensions, and economic fluctuations. Looking ahead, they anticipate launching “Digital port call” in early 2024, viewing current operators and software suppliers as collaborators rather than competitors.

The Deloitte Impact Award underscores the importance of their mission and reinforces their commitment to responsible business practices, with a focus on making a tangible impact on environmental sustainability.

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