Proxion and Relesoft agree on export-oriented cooperation

The digitalization of railways is a significant change and a huge opportunity for innovative players in the industry. Proxion has decided to accelerate its internationalization together with Relesoft Oy. Our goal is to help industry and railway infrastructure managers in building a safer, more efficiently functioning and smarter interoperable railway system.


Proxion’s expertise is recognized in Europe and Relesoft Oy has a unique implementation of the latest European specifications into technological products. Together, we are able to meet our customers’ needs by adapting current and future technology into a modular entity. The EULYNX specifications have reached the level of maturity where industry will witness the widespread adoption of standardized interfaces. The winning solutions of digital control command communication, signalling and automation systems will be built on EULYNX open standards, which aim to significantly reduce the lifecycle cost for signalling systems. The control and automation system forms the core of digital rail transportation. The founders of the EULYNX project are 13 European infrastructure managers, led by German Deutsche Bahn. Relesoft’s technology, together with the services provided by Proxion, offers customers around Europe the opportunity to more effectively utilize EULYNX and ETCS specifications in control and command system (CCS) in design and during the implementation of projects.

Read more info on Proxion website to learn better how Proxion and Relesoft cooperation works.