Revolutionizing Public EV Charging in Jersey: The Collaborative Endeavor of Virta and Jersey Elect

Virta entered into an agreement with Jersey Electricity (JE) at the end of 2022 with operations commencing at the beginning of 2023. The initiative entails a comprehensive modernization of Jersey’s public EV charging infrastructure.

Jersey’s public charging network, known as Evolve, is owned and provided by JE. The partnership with Virta enables JE to leverage ever-improving software and solution capabilities, and affords JE the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for customers.

The physical charging points are being upgraded as a part of the infrastructure investment. For EV drivers, this will mean a smoother and more convenient charging experience, as well as the opportunity to use a single application both in the Island as well as anywhere in the Virta European and UK-wide network. Across the Virta network, and with roaming agreements included, this will mean over 90,000 chargers across Europe.

Virta is providing a complete turnkey solution and supplying JE with charger management, electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), and a full scope of payment solutions covering the Island’s public EV charging network. Although the Island is only 9 by 5 miles in size with a population of just over 100,000, there are about 130,000 vehicles in Jersey. With the increasing adoption of EVs comes the demand for fast, reliable, and convenient charging, which were the main reasons JE chose Virta.

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