Skoda Group’s Innovative Partnership with Tampere Tramway Ltd – Pioneering Passenger Counting System Testing in Tampere’s Lyyli Living Lab

Skoda Group is in an era where AI continually evolves and leaves its mark across various sectors. In our industry, we are no exception as we explore the full potential of our new intelligent AI-based passenger counting system, developed by our colleagues in Finland. We work on integrating it into public transportation in the near future.

This system accurately calculates passenger inflow and outflow at each stop, and what is remarkable is its ability to account for dogs, bicycles, wheelchairs, and strollers. Passengers will soon have access to real-time occupancy information for every tram. They can choose the least crowded, spacious module for their journey. Even people with allergies can select a tram or module free from furry companions.

Skoda Group is thrilled about our collaboration with Tampereen Raitiotie Oy/ Tampere Tramway Ltd., who facilitated the testing of the passenger counting system in Tampere. It was tested on tram Lyyli, the first one delivered to our customer. Each tram has its name there, and Lyyli’s name inspired the Lyyli Living Lab project. This unique testing environment for smart urban mobility in Tampere is where various smart solutions for smart cities are developed.

We strive to enhance your public transportation experience intelligently.

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