Triumphant Win for City of Tampere and Wapice Ltd at the World’s Largest Smart City Event

Tampere Smart City has won a major technology award at The Enabling Technologies Award at the Barcelona Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC). Tampere Smart City is built on Wapice’s IoT platform IoT-TICKET.

The World Smart City Awards, in their 13th iteration, selected winners from 411 entries, with Tampere Smart City emerging as a standout. The city’s IoT platform “IoT-Ticket”, internationally acclaimed for its secure, high-quality data use, has significantly enhanced the daily lives of citizens, businesses, and government.

Tampere’s distinction in the competition stemmed from its global relevance; its innovative use of the IoT platform as a smart data hub addresses universal urban challenges in sustainability, safety, and business services, setting a replicable model for cities worldwide. Among other finalists were contenders from Hong Kong and Spain.

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Read the official press release from the city of Tampere | Picture is from the article

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