UNIKIE Accelerates Android Automotive Development at Warp Speed

Unikie Solidifies Its Android Automotive Presence with New Development Units in Finland and Poland.
Unikie, a pioneer in Android operating system development for the telecom sector, is expanding its Android Automotive footprint with the launch of new development units in Kuopio, Finland, and Szczecin, Poland. Leveraging years of experience and a track record of successful projects within the automotive industry, this strategic investment reinforces Unikie’s commitment to advancing Android Automotive solutions.

Android Automotive is an operating system widely chosen by the world’s leading car manufacturers. Software for in-car infotainment systems is no longer always the car manufacturer’s own but can be based on an open-source operating system tailored to the needs of each brand. Android Automotive can be used to create Infotainment systems that provide a digital experience and integrate downloadable applications into car functions.

Unikie creates and sells technology and product development services for autonomously controlled devices, real-time process control and the development of networked and terminal devices that enable secure data transfer. There is a high demand for Unikie’s technology and know-how, as the ongoing global revolution around digitalization is forcing companies to take their operations to a new level using artificial intelligence and automation. Unikie has been working with cutting-edge companies for a long time, enabling it to leverage its experience and expertise in industries that are becoming increasingly aware of the business benefits of digitalization, and the challenges that may rise from not being able to offer their customers something new and efficient. Unikie’s competitive edge is the extensive know-how of the entire Android ecosystem.

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