Kempower Joins Forces with Milence JV (Traton – Volvo – Daimler) as an EV Charger Supplier for Heavy-Duty Networks

Kempower Secures Deal to Provide DC Charging Solutions for Milence: A Traton, Volvo, and Daimler Joint Venture Aiming to Establish 1,700 Charging Stations for Heavy-Duty EVs in Europe by 2024.

Kempower becomes one of the suppliers of Milence

Milence will initially focus on charging locations in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Norway, and Sweden. With half a billion euros in initial funding, Milence can begin a rapid expansion to support and accelerate the transition to zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles in Europe and offer drivers a more comfortable and safe working environment.

With this contract, Kempower becomes one of the charging technology suppliers that will help Milence develop truck charging hubs throughout Europe. Kempower will deliver its Kempower Satellite charging systems with CCS and 400 kW of power.

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