Leading provider of road telematics and its maintenance in Finland

We are the biggest service company in the infrastructure sector in Finland and part of the global Colas Group. We design, build and maintain infrastructure that is essential for the functioning of society, such as electricity networks, bridges, roads and railways. We also offer solutions to the needs of electric and smart transport, such as electric charging services and telematics solutions.

Our telematics offering includes, for example, variable speed, warning and information signs, road weather stations and traffic monitoring cameras. In 2021, Destia maintained approximately 300 traffic light intersections in the Northern Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Vaasa regions. We also develop and maintain traffic counters.

We use artificial intelligence to monitor the condition of roads and traffic safety in real time. Our services help identify even minor road damage and changes that need to be addressed. We have developed a damage detection system that detects, assesses and, using image interpretation, marks road surface damage as well as damage on gravel roads caused by seasonal weather conditions.

We have also developed iLiitu service, which is Finland’s best-known online traffic safety tool. It is a versatile accident analysis tool that is used to process and compile accident data across Finland.

Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki is the City of Helsinki innovation company. We co-create urban futures with companies, cities, universities and citizens. We help cities utilize data and technology and we help companies to pilot and use Helsinki as a test bed.

If you want to pilot your mobility solution in Helsinki, contact us!


Improving the quality of city life

LINKKER Intelligent eMobility platform accelerates the transition to emission-free mobility by providing technology and solutions for the local production of electric buses and electric drive lines. Linkker electric buses offer very high energy efficiency and high operational performance. The benefits are improved timetable performance, higher daily mileage and continuous operation with lower cost.


Making a positive impact

Our mission is to change the world for the better. We aim to radiate value for future mobility challenges using consulting, coding and design as tools to incite positive change. In 2017, we were chosen as the best workplace in Finland and the runner up to the best workplace in Europe. We pursue projects that have significant impact on both society and on the environment.

We help our customers bring new technologies from the drawing board into daily use. Our aim is to help organizations transform, stay current in the ever-changing environment and capitalize on new opportunities. We seek to build an increasingly functional and mobile future.

We are committed in helping our customers realizing digital opportunities. We have been accelerating versatile innovation projects within the transport sector in Finland. Whether it has been about renewing the traffic management ecosystem, enabling the switch to electric cars, transformation of global transport services or exploring the endless possibilities of Mobility as a Service. Our capabilities evolve and adapt continuously to match our customers’ needs – all around the world.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences – Smart Mobility Innovation Hub

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland provides studies in the Helsinki capital region in the fields of Business, Culture, Health care and Social services, and Technology. We focus on innovation and applying existing research results in joint projects and close cooperation with relevant industries under five thematic innovation hubs, creating national and international ecosystems.

The Smart Mobility innovation hub provides expertise and collaboration to develop new technologies and service solutions to promote traffic, logistics and human needs. From 2016 onwards we have tested the electric automated shuttle buses on open roads in Finland and abroad.

Our staff is highly qualified experts. The innovation hub is linked to the Degree Programme in Automotive and mechanical Engineering, providing students project work possibilities. Our Workshop has created passenger vehicle prototypes such as the electric supercar Angelica and the biomaterial-based Biofore Concept Car. We develop and manufacture prototypes, demonstrators and concepts; perform tests and analysis services; consult in design, improvement and measurement projects; provide courses and knowledge.

We welcome partners, service providers, technology companies, investors and researchers to join us in the creation of smarter mobility to benefit users. Together with the users we design the future of smart mobility.

ITS Factory

City as a test area

ITS Factory is innovation, experimentation and development environment, where companies and individual developers can research, develop, test and productize Intelligent Transport Systems and Solutions. ITS-factory stakeholders actively develop different parts of autonomous transport, such as automated feeder transport services and their operation towards an integrated public transport system.

City of Tampere is active in developing and boosting sustainable services such as Mobility-as-a-Service, demand responsive transport, payment & ticketing, Parking-as-a-Service, eMobility, automated transport services, intelligent tram system and drones as part of integrated mobility. City of Tampere is also a forerunner in opening traffic data, both static and real-time.

ITS Factory has active Public-Private Partnership cooperation between members on all levels and dozens of R&D projects in national and international level. ITS Factory’s goal is to produce business-oriented solutions for ITS and it also wants to support standardization.

ITS Factory is an open research, development, testing and data sharing network for the members.

Watch a video about ITS Factory. – Carbon negative co-mobility provides shared mobility or co-mobility as we call it for businesses and real estate owners. We provide the solution on how to mobility can be both, more responsible and more fun. Currently, we serve businesses from start ups to multi billion euro corporations.

The turn key service consists of a dedicated fleet of ecological vehicles such as electric bicycles or electric cars, full service plan, insurances, software platform and full offset of the emissions. We are the first carbon negative mobility business in the world.

According to our clients, the key benefits of the service include emission reduction, cost savings with easier administration and improved employee experience.

Siemens Mobility Oy – Shaping connected mobility

Siemens Mobility Oy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens AG and operates in Finland and the Baltic countries. We employ approximately 70 sales, project management and systems specialists. We are a domestic company with diverse experience in large-scale projects and long-term services and understanding of the local transport market and operators.

We enable rail operators to shape today’s and tomorrow’s passenger and freight transportation – with rolling stock (trains, locomotives, metro, light rail), infrastructure, automation and electrification solutions, turnkey systems as well as related services. Furthermore, with IoT and data analytics we help rail operators enhance the maintenance of the infrastructure and rolling stock.

Our offer spans intelligent road infrastructure and traffic solutions in and between cities, such as traffic management and simulation, digital services driven by AI, solutions for shared autonomous vehicles and much more.

We also offer multimodal trip planners, apps that are true traveler companions providing access to comprehensive Mobility as a Service – from the first to the last mile. Our mission is to make trains and infrastructure intelligent, increase value sustainably over the entire lifecycle, enhance passenger experience and guarantee availability.

Watch a video about Siemens Mobility

City of Tampere

Sustainable and intelligent transport system utilizing digitalization and intelligent transport solutions

City of Tampere has long history and is actively developing ITS systems and services. Big infrastructure projects like new city tram and Central Deck and Arena is urban scale development on top of existing railway tracks in the heart of the city offer a great platform to develop and implement new innovations. Goal is to add value to citizens everyday life, create new business opportunities to companies and to build sustainable city together with ITS Factory and Smart Tampere ecosystems. ITS Factory is an active business ecosystem that has operated in the region for a long time and has supported collaboration between different parties and the creation of new solutions. Smart Tampere is the strategic development programme of the City of Tampere for 2017–2021. These ecosystems consist of companies, universities, r&d organizations and public entities. Our goal is to make Tampere one of leading smart mobility cities and testing grounds in Europe.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom – reliable transport system, safe traffic and high-quality communications

Traficom is an authority serving people and businesses in licence, registration and approval matters related to transport and communications, at the same time promoting the transport system and traffic safety as well as boosting digitalisation. Traficom supports sustainable development and ensures that everyone in Finland has access to high-quality, secure and reasonably priced communications connections and services.

Traficom’s future-oriented work focuses on the phenomena of the digital society, seeks solutions, builds networks and helps companies and authorities prepare for the future. Our goal is not only to produce information in support of the agency’s strategic decision-making but also to propose measures and concrete solutions.

The objective of Traficom’s research and development activities is to support Traficom and its experts in the performance of the agency’s tasks and the achievement of the goals set for its operations. The aim is to improve the safety of the transport system, reduce the negative environmental impacts of transport and develop communications services and technologies.