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NOKIA, a global leader in the technologies that connect people and things, is a founding member of the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) and 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA). The 5GAA aims to bring automotive and telecommunications companies together while 5G-ACIA’s goal is to bring the best possible applicability of 5G technology to connected industries.

Products and services:

• Enhanced C-V2X connectivity and automotive/transport data management

• Edge computing for intelligent transportation systems (ITS)

• Over-the-air connected car services, including real-time software updates and sensor-based preventive maintenance

• Managed connectivity to connect carmakers and their cars and customers (Nokia WING)

• Private 4G/5G networks for vehicle manufacturing


Communication service providers, governments, road administrators and enterprises, including carmakers.


Safety4Traffic mission is to help the road users to reach their destination safely with help of their real-time traffic safety services. Our services helps you to prepare for the unexpected and to react when needed to enjoy your journey and arrive more relaxed.

Safety4Traffic offers a variety of different services based on local professional sources as Dynamic Elk Warning service, Dynamic Reindeer Warning service, Dynamic Road Weather service, Real-Time Accident Information service and on other hazards on the road to increase your safety on all roads.

Safety4Traffic vision is to be the best traffic safety service provider and to impact the driving behavior to become safer. Our strategy is to constantly develop new dynamic content for local needs to make your traveling on all roads safer.

Safety for all roads!


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One Sea – Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem

One Sea is a high-profile ecosystem with a primary aim to lead the way towards an operating autonomous maritime ecosystem by 2025. The collaboration gathers together leading marine experts and is a strategic combination of top research, state-of-the-art information technology and business. The work began in 2016, and the aim is to create an environment suitable for autonomous ships by 2025.

The companies and organizations collaborating in the ecosystem are forerunners in their respective fields and the knowledge they share sets them apart from other likeminded projects. The ecosystem ensures a well-researched, tested and highly capable autonomous shipping network.

The co-creation ecosystem will also set the course for new industrial standards. With the leadership, participation and steering from the One Sea Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem, the new standards will correspond with the targets of minimizing accidents, decreasing the environmental footprint of marine traffic, and advancing possibilities for new commercial ventures.


Smart traffic and road maintenance

Infotripla is a Finnish forerunner in new digital age transport system services. Our services and products are especially targeted to smart mobility and transport, with 20 years’ experience on new, emerging technologies and solutions driven by customer needs. The existing solutions and services are already proven by market – in both private and public sectors.

Today Infotripla is part of the globally active Aebi Schmidt Group which has a broad expertise in digital solutions, primarily for airports and winter maintenance, but as well for any other cleaning and clearing operations throughout the seasons. In addition to digital everyday operations support, the Group is also offering systems for autonomous operations at airports.


Awake.AI is a software platform company building an ecosystem for smart ports and autonomous shipping. The objective of Awake.AI is to lead the transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics, reducing global shipping emissions with the help of ecosystem partners. The platform is first of its kind, built from the ground up to accommodate seamless collaboration within the entire maritime logistics chain by sharing situational awareness and providing AI-supported predictions for future planning. The API’s and applications built on top of the Awake platform are available for customers and third parties using the subscription business model.

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Autori Oy

Autori is a modern software company pioneering in digitalizing road and street maintenance and electricity grid maintenance. Cost efficiency is obtained by having full control and real time insight into planned and performed maintenance activities. With optimized solutions for specific tasks, role and user permission management, versatile map tools, IoT – and system integrations and many other advanced features, we help customers to improve infrastructure maintenance significantly. The Autori system runs on Microsoft Azure cloud providing a robust, safe and scalable platform for continued international expansion.

Vediafi Ltd

Vediafi Ltd is a Finnish company which sells and develops solutions to make logistics more efficient and greener. Solutions combine our extensive expertise on logistics digitalisation, IoT and location-based solutions, as well as data-driven products and services. Our brandmarked product families are the Clean Vehicle Wizard (CVW) gives companies and municipalities a way to evaluate the cleanliness of their vehicle fleet and act on it, the Vedia CaaS (value adding services and solutions for logistics service providers, municipalities, shippers).

Clean Vehicles Wizard, also known as CVW, is a Finnish web-based service. This wizard provides a city, company, organization, or consultant with an overall view of vehicle fleet emissions. Enter your vehicle fleet into the software to get vehicle emissions data easily and quickly for your company and/or subcontractor. You can then create emissions reports for customers, stakeholders, and investors or integrate them into sustainability reporting.

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Aplicom designs and manufactures professional telematics devices and provides software, support, and consultation services for them. Aplicom products are designed for use in vehicles and industrial machinery. Aplicom devices and telematics software offer a versatile and reliable platform for telematics, telemetry, and IoT solutions. Aplicom partners with service providers and system integrators to offer complete solutions for their customers. Aplicom also delivers telematics devices directly to vehicle and machinery OEMs for their own telematics and IoT solutions. Today Aplicom products are used in nearly 50 countries worldwide, and the company is an approved supplier for several major vehicle and industrial equipment manufacturers. Aplicom products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

RCP Software

RCP Software is your trusted partner for device HW and SW creation. Our services cover all phases for R&D from specification to maintenance. We excel in automotive sensor fusion, connectivity (including IoT, LTE, WLAN, BT and mesh) and embedded systems. We have also done CAN-based modules for automotive usage. RCP Software has valued customers from stock-listed companies to start-ups.


Tuxera is the market leader in data storage management software. We work with all the top Tier-1 suppliers and car manufacturers to deliver power failsafe storage software for all data-critical automotive systems – ADAS, DVR, EDR, cluster, and infotainment. Tuxera is a major contributor to the Linux community, a member of flash memory standards organizations like SD Association and JEDEC, and works together with world-leading chipset, memory vendors, and operating system software providers to develop the edge storage solutions of tomorrow. Tuxera’s patented software optimizes the read and write performance of automotive flash memory, provides proven data integrity and power fail-safety, and reduces the lifetime-degrading effects of write and erase wear.