One Sea – Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem

One Sea is a high-profile ecosystem with a primary aim to lead the way towards an operating autonomous maritime ecosystem by 2025. The collaboration gathers together leading marine experts and is a strategic combination of top research, state-of-the-art information technology and business. The work began in 2016, and the aim is to create an environment suitable for autonomous ships by 2025.

The companies and organizations collaborating in the ecosystem are forerunners in their respective fields and the knowledge they share sets them apart from other likeminded projects. The ecosystem ensures a well-researched, tested and highly capable autonomous shipping network.

The co-creation ecosystem will also set the course for new industrial standards. With the leadership, participation and steering from the One Sea Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem, the new standards will correspond with the targets of minimizing accidents, decreasing the environmental footprint of marine traffic, and advancing possibilities for new commercial ventures.


Smart traffic and road maintenance

Infotripla is a Finnish forerunner in new digital age transport system services. Our services and products are especially targeted to smart mobility and transport, with 20 years’ experience on new, emerging technologies and solutions driven by customer needs. The existing solutions and services are already proven by market – in both private and public sectors.

Today Infotripla is part of the globally active Aebi Schmidt Group which has a broad expertise in digital solutions, primarily for airports and winter maintenance, but as well for any other cleaning and clearing operations throughout the seasons. In addition to digital everyday operations support, the Group is also offering systems for autonomous operations at airports.


Awake.AI is a software platform company building an ecosystem for smart ports and autonomous shipping. The objective of Awake.AI is to lead the transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics, reducing global shipping emissions with the help of ecosystem partners. The platform is first of its kind, built from the ground up to accommodate seamless collaboration within the entire maritime logistics chain by sharing situational awareness and providing AI-supported predictions for future planning. The API’s and applications built on top of the Awake platform are available for customers and third parties using the subscription business model.

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Within Sweco all fields and aspects of engineering, designing and consulting merge. In Sweco we create innovative and highly functional solutions on urban and rural transportation without forgetting the people, services and environment around them. Our 17 000 employees around Northern Europe create network of forward-looking professionals.

In Sweco Finland we have strong knowledge on sustainable transportation systems, such as light rail, city bike networks and traffic data management via GIS. As the cross-technical co-operation inside Sweco is close, we have great competence to create safer future in all aspects of mobility.

To highlight the importance of sustainability for our future, we have launched a new initiative called The Urban Insight, where number of reports written by Sweco’s experts are published throughout the year. You can find them through Urban Insight website here.


Citynomadi – visualising operations and interactivity on maps

Citynomadi visualises operations and interactivity on maps for urban and rural environment. Our speciality is wide scope of mobile environment, also the last mile solutions with a seamless outdoor and indoor positioning.

Our vision is to provide easy to use, customised, real time maps for any user segments. This will be done by integrating open data, prioritised data, IoT feed, crowdsourced information and artefact maps.

We foresee the purpose of the map use to become more and more individual and segmented according to the user groups and we have the answer to this request.


Making a positive impact

Our mission is to change the world for the better. We aim to radiate value for future mobility challenges using consulting, coding and design as tools to incite positive change. In 2017, we were chosen as the best workplace in Finland and the runner up to the best workplace in Europe. We pursue projects that have significant impact on both society and on the environment.

We help our customers bring new technologies from the drawing board into daily use. Our aim is to help organizations transform, stay current in the ever-changing environment and capitalize on new opportunities. We seek to build an increasingly functional and mobile future.

We are committed in helping our customers realizing digital opportunities. We have been accelerating versatile innovation projects within the transport sector in Finland. Whether it has been about renewing the traffic management ecosystem, enabling the switch to electric cars, transformation of global transport services or exploring the endless possibilities of Mobility as a Service. Our capabilities evolve and adapt continuously to match our customers’ needs – all around the world.

ITS Factory

City as a test area

ITS Factory is innovation, experimentation and development environment, where companies and individual developers can research, develop, test and productize Intelligent Transport Systems and Solutions. ITS-factory stakeholders actively develop different parts of autonomous transport, such as automated feeder transport services and their operation towards an integrated public transport system.

City of Tampere is active in developing and boosting sustainable services such as Mobility-as-a-Service, demand responsive transport, payment & ticketing, Parking-as-a-Service, eMobility, automated transport services, intelligent tram system and drones as part of integrated mobility. City of Tampere is also a forerunner in opening traffic data, both static and real-time.

ITS Factory has active Public-Private Partnership cooperation between members on all levels and dozens of R&D projects in national and international level. ITS Factory’s goal is to produce business-oriented solutions for ITS and it also wants to support standardization.

ITS Factory is an open research, development, testing and data sharing network for the members.

Watch a video about ITS Factory.

Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI, NLS)

FGI is a highly international research institute that conducts innovative research and offers expertise within the field of spatial data.

We are developing techniques related to smart traffic, primarily on the road and at sea as well as pedestrian traffic. We also develop various kinds of techniques for collecting spatial data. Big data and crowdsourcing enable new services and business models in the field of navigation and positioning services.

By working in close co-operation with businesses, universities, research institutes and public agencies, we create opportunities for innovations in measurements, smart traffic, PNT (positioning, navigation & timing), and transfer this knowledge into the society in all levels.

Our researchers are global forerunners in developing and integrating laser, hyperspectral and stereoscopic imaging sensors in versatile platforms such as drones, cars, backpacks and aircrafts. The use of satellites together with other systems for PNT belongs to the core expertise of FGI, including both high-precision applications and robustness against jamming and interference.

FGI develops AI based analytics solutions to derive precise information from big data and integrates in-situ measurements with space data.

Our aim is to facilitate the development of innovations in spatial data, and navigation and positioning technology for the good of society.

We are part of the National Land Survey of Finland.


Connecting the dots between data, technology and people

CGI is a global IT and business consulting company. We work together with our clients to develop services and IP with first-class customer and user experience.

Our transportation services for cities, authorities and private companies keep both people and goods moving in Finland. By combining data, technology and people, we create new business and innovation on land, at sea and in the air through our extensive ecosystem of clients and partners.

Pursuing to meet the emissions targets is everyone’s responsibility. We believe technology is key in achieving a greener future and with our services we are helping our clients act more responsible. Our logistics solution, IT4Cargo, cuts emissions from Finnish road logistics with optimization and enables up to 18 % lower carbon footprint in fuel emissions. Artificial Intelligence is harnessed for the environment, as our analytics solution for MacGregor warns of containers at risk of falling from the ship into the sea, enabling course changes before any damage occurs.


Building Trusted Digital Societies

Headquartered in Finland, TietoEVRY employs around 24,000 experts globally. The company serves thousands of enterprise and public sector customers in more than 90 countries. TietoEVRY’s annual turnover is approximately EUR 3 billion and its shares are listed on the NASDAQ in Helsinki and Stockholm as well as on the Oslo Børs.

TietoEVRY provides mobility related software, consulting, product development and services for businesses and society in eg. following areas: fleet management, freight and logistics, IoT, maritime, passenger transport and road traffic.


Fleet management

Goodyear fleet management solution jointly with HERE Technologies

Freight and logistics

Hartwall optimization of logistics 


Helsinki region public transport ticket and information system

City of Tampere pedestrian safety Internet of Things solution


TietoEVRY is part of the ONE SEA high-profile ecosystem, which leads the way towards an operating autonomous maritime ecosystem. 

Passenger transport

Finnish regions public transport ticketing system

Road traffic

Jointly with the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA), the ELY Centre for North Savo and Valio, we test the use of a milk truck information system to survey roads.