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Nordic+ Pavilion

ITS World Congress Hamburg

Connected and Sustainable Nordic+

Nordic+ connects innovation, passion, research, technology and people throughout the Nordic and Baltic region to create the world’s leading sustainable mobility solutions and services.

The Nordic+ Pavilion at ITS World Congress Hamburg Exhibition showcases the latest innovations from the region – check out the Pavilion program below and be there for the 50+ pitches from companies, startups and public organizations to catch up with what’s going on.

Join us at Hamburg Messe B5 hall space B5221!

Nordic+ Pavilion Program

Nordic+ Cooperation

MOVE21 – Cities fit for the future, Tiina Ruohonen, City of Oslo, Project Coordinator MOVE21
VIKING / NEXT-ITS i i Nordic+ Cooperation, Anders Bak Sørensen, Danish Road Directorate
NordicWay 3 – Example of flagship pilot, Kristian Jaldemark, Carmenta
Digital twin as a tool in tunnel safety, Benedicte Titlestad & Kine Norland, VIA Cluster
ITS Factory – Innovation Experimentation and Development Environment
, Pekka Eloranta, Coordinator, ITS Factory
Hupmobile  –  Holistic sustainable mobility solutions, Raimond Nõugast, Chief of Tallinn Transport Management Center

Sustainable movement of people

Migrating from tolling to road user charging, Ola Martin Lykkja, Q-Free
Data-driven Mobility Solutions – Looking Beyond MaaS! Olli Pihlajamaa, Senior Scientist, VTT
How to create critical mass for MaaS, Søren Sørensen, Smart Mobility and MaaS Facilitator, SFMCON ApS
Future-ready transport, Johannes Mossov, CEO, Auve Tech
How Smart Analytics can help create more sustainable mobility, Erik Hedman, HoD Smart Mobility, Ramboll Sweden
Accessing Intelligent Cities, Mika Rytkönen, CPO, PayiQ
Helsinki Region Journey Planner and Automated Accessibility Testing, Aleksi Siitari, Consultant, CGI
Urban Mobility Rediscovered, Hyke, Halvor Vislie, COO
Triplesign sustainable VMS for smart cities, Hans-Ivar Olsson, Managing Director, Triple Sign System AB

Partner talk - Ramboll

Data driven decision making, Teemu Sihvola HoD, Smart Mobility Finland & Sindre Levinsen, HoD Smart Mobility Norway

Partner talk - Nordic Innovation

Building a Nordic Mobility Universe, Nina Egeli, Senior Innovation Adviser

Sustainable movement of people & goods

Development of smart inclusive tools to increase walking’s role as a sustainable mode of transport in future cities, Rasmus Guldborg Jensen, Vice President, COWI A/S
The greenest mile is the one that was not driven, Heikki Karintaus, chairman of the board, Vinka
Mobility-as-a-Service in Greater Copenhagen, Bjørn Hallberg Nielsen, Mobility Planner, Capital Region of Denmark
Innovative and sustainable logistics solutions along the E18 motorway, Ingeborg Briseid Kraft, Project Manager, Bærum Municipality
Cooperation on Maritime ITS between Nordic authorities, industry and users, Jon Leon Ervik, Head of Department, Norwegian Coastal Administration

Nordic+ Opening and Drinks

Welcome to the Nordic+ Reception!

City to Rural

Carpooling and public transportation platform, Kasper Dam Mikkelsen, Co-founder and CSO, Nobogo
Seamless travel with connected ticketing for demand-responsive and regular public transport, Mrs. Kadri Haufe, Chief Commercial Officer, Ridango
Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab – helping pilot urban logistics, automation and more, Juho Kostiainen, Project Manager, City of Helsinki
MUST LivingLab – an innovation platform for smart mobility pilot projects, Dr. Bjørn Klimek, Leader MUST LivingLab, Multiconsult
Tallinn – the step forward in mobility, Liivar Luts, Project manager, Tallinn Transport Department
Multimodal nationwide travel chains in Finland: Trips and Tickets App, Leila Lehtinen, Head of Passenger and Operator Services, Matkahuolto
Entur, Hanne Nettum Breivik

Nordic+ Data Revolution

Safer, greener, adaptive – Cloud-based mobility, Aki Aapaoja, Account Director, Solita Ltd.
Trafsense – Individual vehicle tracking at lane level, Stian Astad Sørngård – head of Data Science Department, Trafsys AS
Road condition forecasting for Smart Cities, Stanislav Metlitski, Head of ITS, AS Teede Tehnokeskus
How we can benefit from analyzing Terabytes of satellite data? Oliver Stimmer, Head of Space domain, Sille
Traffic Data Ecosystem from Finland – the Best Test Bed for Developing Traffic Services of the Future, Janne Lautanala, Chief Ecosystem and Technology Officer, Fintraffic
Bringing digital transformation to road infrastructure, Mihkel Lehtmets, CMO, Eyevi Technologies
Utilizing bicycle data, Jørgen Bundgaard Wanscher, CTO, Hermes Traffic Intelligence
Smart Data, Smart City, Juha Laakso, Manager Digital Solutions, Infotripla
Bike data, practical insights and inspirations, Kim Møller, Traffic Engineer, The Technical and Enviromental Administration, City Of Copenhagen

Partner talk - Nordic Innovation

Driving innovation through Nordic collaboration, Nina Egeli, Senior Innovation Adviser

Special Nordic+ Session

Measure, Inform, Mobilise: The MIM project, Rebecca Ronke Applied Autonomy

Automated & Connected mobility

Easy and secure EV charging, Henrik Hultin, Senior Program Manager, Semel Evpay
For an efficient transport system today and a future sustainable mobility, Pia Wijk, team leader and Petter Eistrand, project manager Intelligent Transportation systems, Sweco
Realizing autonomous mobility – the Nordic way, Torun Degnes, CEO, SAMS Norway
Demand-responsive autonomous mobility, Pirko Konsa, CEO, Modern Mobility
Autonomous vehicles and drones – what is happening in the Nordics, what are the biggest challenges and possibilities of the future, Christian Bering, CEO, Holo
Experience of driving autonomous bus with remote control in Testsite Kongsberg City & lab and Sohoja Lastmile, Olav Madland, CEO, Applied Autonomy
Smart City Testbed – Towards Level 4 Automatic Traffic at Tampere Finland, Markku Niemi, Senior Business Advisor, Business Tampere

Partner talk - Ramboll

Cycling as a driver for sustainable change, Marianne Weinreich, Market Manager Smart Mobility & Hinrich Brümmer, Team lead Berlin

Special City Session - MOVE21

Hamburg, Oslo and Gothenburg present their ambitious goals for cleaner, smarter and sustainable urban mobility and logistics.
Drinks & finger food available during the session!

Partner talk - Ramboll

Smart City Wolfsburg, Claudia Krahe, Business Manager

Re-inventing mobility infrastructure

Making smart roads for intelligent cars, Bjørn Elnes, Systems Engineer, Aventi Intelligent Communication AS
Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk – use cases and benefits, Hans Leis, Sales Lead, Bercman Technologies AS
Low Speed Zones: Creating a safer, more livable urban environment, Philip J. Wijers, Director Government Affairs, Sensys Gatso Group
Turning existing bike lockers into smart lockers to increase usage and efficiency – a case study on the example of TransLink, Kristjan Lind, CEO, Bikeep
Smart road for pedestrians, Allan Lahi, CEO, e-Pavement
Comfortable Charging – Stop comparing e-charging with fueling a car,
Karl Nyman, Director, Gofore
Mobility solutions from the data that’s all around us, Esa Järvinen, Business Development Lead, TietoEVRY
Four cases on Sustainable Mobility, Damien de Maya, Sitowise

Nordic+ Testbed Session

Why and how to engage in pilot and test centers?

Paula Johanna Adamson, CSO at Auve Tech – Estonia
Christian Bering Pedersen, CEO Holo – Denmark
Andree Hohm, Head of autonomous driving at Continental Teves AG and Reallab Hamburg– Germany
Olav Madland, CEO Applied Autonomy and By&Lab Kongsberg – Norway
Matti Kutila, Research Team Leader at VTT – Finland

Hosted by: Bjørn Klimek, Multiconsult and Head of MUST LivingLab – Norway


Connect with Finnish Organizations at the Pavilion


Connecting the dots between data, technology and people

Contact info

Sami Mikkonen
Vice President
+358 505615948

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Safe, smooth and environmentally friendly mobility in Finland

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Janne Lautanala
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Making a positive impact

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Karl Nyman
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City of Helsinki & Mobility Lab Helsinki

Helsinki’s testbed for smart mobility

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Juho Kostiainen
Project Manager, Mobility Lab Helsinki
+358 931036535

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Helsinki Business Hub

Your local guide to business in Helsinki

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Smart traffic and road maintenance

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Juha Laakso
Manager Digital Solutions
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ITS Factory

City as a test area

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ITS Factory

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ITS Finland

Network for the future of mobility

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Marko Forsblom
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The better way for passengers and parcels in Finland

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Leila Lehtinen
Head of Passenger and Operator Services
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Ministry of Transport and Communications

Finnish well-being and competitiveness

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Janne Hauta

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Contact info

Aapo Pöyhönen
Sales Director
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Smart ticketing for a smart future

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Mika Rytkönen
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We make mobility about people

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Jukka-Pekka Pitkänen
Global Division Director, Smart Mobility
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Henrik Hultin
Senior Program Manager
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The Smart City Company

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Milla Lötjönen
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Data weaves traffic services together

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Mikko Varjos
Account Director
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City of Tampere

Sustainable and intelligent transport system utilizing digitalization and intelligent transport solutions

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Mika Kulmala
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Building Trusted Digital Societies

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Esa Järvinen
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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Helping customers in the transition to sustainable, service-oriented and automated mobility

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Heikki Rajasalo
Solution Sales Lead
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Next generation of fleet automation

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Heikki Karintaus
Chairman of the Board
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Future Mobility News from Finland

Sensible 4 Switzerland pilot
Swiss City Center has driverless pilot trial from Sensible 4
Finnish autonomous driving specialist Sensible 4 has begun its latest driverless pilot trial in the more complex environment of a Swiss city center. The company has teamed up with the Swiss Transit lab (STL) to start a long-term automated driving service in the city of Schaffhausen. The service, planned to run until the end of […]
PayIQ is building a firm foundation
PayiQ is building on a Firm Foundation
Pay have now established our ticketing services all over Finland and can count over 500,000 users. This means that we have now reached technical maturity, found market fit, and have the financial foundation to start taking the next steps. An important focus area is City Acc, and all its possible applications. City Acc is a […]
Business Finland aims to make Finland a globally recognized provider of sustainable, carbon-neutral solutions for cities
The Decarbonized Cities Program launched by Business Finland on April 18, 2023 aims to make Finland a globally recognized provider of sustainable, carbon-neutral solutions for cities. The program helps Finnish companies and organizations to find international cooperation and business partners. New exports are estimated to amount to several billion euros. Smart solutions and sustainability principles […]
Virta closes €85M growth funding
Virta closes €85M growth funding to increase EVs’ charging platforms impact on accelerate growth in Europe and Asia-Pacific
Finland-based Virta Ltd, a global leader in the fast-growing Electric Vehicle charging platforms industry(1), has secured new €85M growth funding. The funding round has been among the biggest in the sector in recent years. The sum consists of €65M equity investment from Virta’s existing investors, led by the private equity firm Jolt Capital, and co-invested […]
A Unique Living Lab Environment In Tampere For Urban Transport
Business Finland is funding Tampereen Raitiotie Oy’s Lyyli Living Lab development environment through the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) funding program, which is part of the Sustainable Growth Program for Finland. Lyyli Living Lab is an inclusive RDI environment for the development, validation, and the acquisition of market references of sustainable, rail-based, smart urban transport […]
German city becomes frontrunner through sustainable software from Finland
German city becomes frontrunner through sustainable software from Finland
Back in March of 2022 Vediafi and the German district of Warendorf began a joint pilot project. The aim was to further develop the Clean Vehicle Mobile application to fit the sustainable and operational needs of our clients. For this, two vehicles of the type VW Caddy were equipped with tracking hardware connected to the […]